For every coronavirus case in the US, 47 people have lost their job

We had 6.6 million jobless claims this week, on top over 3 million last week. That’s almost 10 million jobless claims in the span of two weeks. There are 210,000 coronavirus cases in the US as of today – substantially all with trivial symptoms in healthy people who will easily recover. If our experience is anything like Italy’s, the median age of death will be over 80 years old and 99% will have major underlying conditions that had patients moving in the direction of dying before the coronavirus.

Mathematically, that means that for each coronavirus case, 47 people have lost their job. And the job losses are expected to escalate considerably from here.

“The cure is worse than the illness” doesn’t even cover it. This is insane and cruel policy. I’ve been a conservative all my life, but I honestly do not see a way in hell that I’m going to vote for President Trump or Governor DeSantis after they amped up this irresponsible policy again this week.

The worst part is, if you are part of the Kool-Aid drinkers who think this is a new thing and that the US has not developed herd immunity from it already, you can get prepared to do this garbage again and again and again because your public policy is preventing herd immunity from developing.

This was not a “necessary” decision, and it is not what every country in the world is doing. It is totally possible to quarantine the vulnerable, have states socialize gross nursing home facilities which are one of the largest contributors to the death toll, and let the rest of the country move on. Not to mention the number of times the Trump coronavirus team told people that masks were ineffective protection and they shouldn’t try to use one. That one lie – and it is a lie – might be a sin larger than cranking out hysterical models that have led to millions of job losses.

But once politicians (and their deeply partisan supporters) take a public position on anything, they would rather ride it down the toilet bowl and into the sewers than admit they were wrong. And millions of people will suffer for their conceit.

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