Germany: Report your neighbors to police for coronavirus violations

Here in the United States, state and local governments are letting thousands of convicted criminals out of prison ostensibly to protect them from the coronavirus. (Just wait until you see what they do when they realize they’ve nuked tax revenues and can no longer afford to operate prison facilities.) Considering that said criminals are returning to neighborhoods where a large fraction of the population is now unemployed or about to be unemployed very soon, that’s probably a brilliant idea.

Cities like Cincinnati have been broadcasting all the crimes police will no longer respond to, which includes things like breaking and entering.

The Germans, however, seem to be filling nostalgic for their Nazi days, as governmental entities are now encouraging citizens to snitch to the police if they see anyone violating quarantine orders. This has even gone so far as to include people who were out hiking in the mountains. Banning solitary activities, which cities and states are also doing here in the US, has been a fascinating tactic for slowing the spread of disease to me, and quite indicative of how out-of-control the authoritarian impulse has become.

This mentality has taken over the UK too, where police are seeing a surge in “second run” calls, where someone is calling to report their neighbor is going out for exercise twice in the same day. Police departments say they are getting “dozens and dozens” of calls where someone wants their neighbor arrested for leaving the house.

Per usual, the only thing necessary to get people to revert to outright fascist behavior is to cultivate an atmosphere of panic.

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