Major airlines are flying nearly empty planes around the country to be eligible for bailout funds

Much like how the quarantines in Italy resulted in the unintended consequence of people fleeing quarantined regions and helping spread the coronavirus to previously unaffected regions, the American bailout legislation has had a similar impact on the airlines.

At what the MAGA crowd are now ghoulishly calling Trump’s “rona rallies,” Trump pondered out loud why airlines were still flying planes out of coronavirus hotspots and from one hotspot to another.

The answer – had Trump or anyone on his team even bothered to read the $2 trillion legislation he signed mere days ago, and clearly they did not – is that the airlines are required to maintain capacity to be eligible for bailout funds.

So airlines are flying virtually empty planes (the major airlines are operating at less than 10% of normal passenger traffic) all over the country. They are also transporting people from coronavirus hotspots to the places in the country that will still have them. But don’t worry, these folks have a new model to show you.

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