Vermont bans the sale of “non-essential goods” within major retailers

I thought the states that banned fishing during their coronavirus shutdown were peak stupidity for local government officials. I mean, you’ve lost your job and the Trumpbucks are going to take weeks and even months to be distributed, and now you can’t even fish for dinner?

And then I saw a picture from Vermont of the vegetable seed display at a Walmart with a sign saying the sale of vegetable seeds was prohibited. Surely this is fake, I thought. Not only are they trying classify specific physical businesses as “essential” and “non-essential,” they are applying that to items for sale inside the stores. And apparently starting your own victory garden is non-essential?

Turns out, it’s not fake:

[Vermont] is ordering places like Walmart, Costco, and Target to stop in-store sales of arts and crafts, beauty products, carpet and flooring, clothing, electronics and more. They must restrict access to these items by removing them from the floor or closing aisles.

The state admits the variety of products in these stores attracts customers, that’s why they are restricting what you can buy so you will stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the Agency of Commerce and Community Development tells WCAX News that these aren’t new restrictions. This is part of Gov. Phil Scott’s original executive order.

The governor couldn’t talk to but told us via his spokesperson that he “appreciates everything Vermonters have done thus far and recognizes it’s been very disruptive, but every action taken has been to slow the spread of this virus, which if successful, will save lives. But it requires everyone to make some sacrifices.”

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