I am so tired of stores allowing senior citizens to hoard stupid stuff

It is getting very difficult to live in a city where there is such a large population of elderly freaking out about the coronavirus, especially when it’s not even a serious problem in our not-heavily-populated county. I try to be a compassionate person, but it’s becoming a real challenge these days being surrounded by so many selfish individuals. If we ever leave this place – an otherwise beautiful beach town with plenty of outdoor spaces that our family loves – my number one criterion in choosing a new place is going to be the median age of residents. Sorry, not sorry.

It has been clear from the beginning of this episode that senior citizens were the largest subset of hoarders, based on what remains on the shelves by the afternoon in grocery stores. (And based on the fact that they are pretty much the only demographic that still consumes corporate news.) No one is hoarding tampons, baby diapers, kids’ snacks, avocados, or organic food options. In fact, the elderly hoarders drawing down their 401(k)’s with this behavior are effectively creating a food desert for low-income families. As if putting them out of work wasn’t bad enough.

They are supposed to be the most vulnerable population, but they are out hitting the stores every day to buy cart loads of groceries to add to their wall of canned goods and toilet paper in the garage, or whatever it is that they have going on at home. They’ve even bought out the deep freezes at Lowe’s and Home Depot so they can hoard fresh food. They are literally buying out fully stocked big-box grocery stores every single day. And I am sure once this is all over, they are going to dump it all out by the curb on trash day.

The scale of waste these antisocial actors have accomplished is breathtaking. We are nearly a month into this behavior, which has become compulsive and deeply mentally ill.

It’s a chore even to drive past the grocery store in the morning hours, as greedy seniors are blocking lanes and cutting people off to be the first in line every single day. I like to look at the Sheriff’s Department’s commander reports in the morning (it’s my form of local news, with the added bonus of being politically bias-free) and the road rage incidents are off the charts.

Now the local stores have implemented “senior shopping hours,” which would be a great idea if the hoarders weren’t all senior citizens. Instead, they are basically allowing the hoarders a privileged status to go ahead of normal shoppers. It exacerbates stores’ problems instead of curing them (unintended consequences, yay). Yet they have to do it for PR reasons, because if they don’t they clearly want people to die.

But I think I have seen peak selfishness today. On the baby aisle, diapers are still in robust supply. But the senior hoarders have totally wiped out the baby wipes. What are young parents supposed to do about that? You can’t wipe a newborn with a paper towel – you will give the baby legitimately serious health problems and put it in physical pain. But they don’t care, apparently. They are going to get what’s theirs and screw everybody else, even the babies.

2 thoughts on “I am so tired of stores allowing senior citizens to hoard stupid stuff

  1. ” In fact, the elderly hoarders drawing down their 401(k)’s with this behavior are effectively creating a food desert for low-income families. As if putting them out of work wasn’t bad enough.”

    Yes, this is what I was thinking when we’ve tried to go just for some basic things and seeing everything still so bare. And I can’t believe there are lines every single morning apparently, it’s very strange it’s happening like this almost everywhere.

    “and the road rage incidents are off the charts.”

    Yes, we’ve noticed this, too. It’s almost how the driving gets around black Friday shopping or holiday shopping in general.

    And we can’t find wipes… have some and I know a recipe to make some from paper towels so I’ll do that if need be, but this is just insane.

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    1. I was thinking about you guys when I wrote that. All the people who have had babies recently. My poor niece is in her third trimester and I am really hoping she doesn’t have to give birth alone because of all this nonsense in the hospitals. I honestly can’t think of anything more terrifying.

      I read an article recently where they were trying to liken the hoarding to what happened in the Great Depression and were talking about food instability. But that is definitely not what is happening right now at all. By definition, for someone to be spending this kind of money on finished goods every week, they must have a lot of disposable income or available wealth. Poor people can’t afford to hoard like this. They simply don’t have that much money available.


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