How bureaucrats work

New coronavirus cases are falling off a cliff because (1) it’s a seasonal illness and weather is warming up, (2) most Americans were probably infected during the winter months and didn’t even know it, and (3) their models were innumerate bullshit to begin with. Exponential growth nationwide was never going to occur. Hospitals were never going to be overwhelmed. 2.2 million people were never going to die.

But you can expect bureaucrats to look at the data and take credit for their draconian shutdowns working. They nuked the economy in places that never saw any semblance of an outbreak, and they’ll call themselves heroes.

At the end of the day, the US has done so much damage to the economy that each of those hospitalizations that the media and politicians hyped up will have not only cost individuals tens of thousands of dollars, but taxpayers billions of dollars apiece.

This is hands-down the most destructive generation of leaders in American history.

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