Politicians don’t even know the assumptions of the models they are using

That’s Cuomo, taking a victory lap for a downturn in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in New York. Social distancing is working, he says, look at how much we are below the model.

Actually, the upper limit on the model assumed that people followed social distancing guidance perfectly, which New Yorkers of course have not done. They have still been riding in crowded elevators and filthy subways together.

But nevertheless, those were the figures that epidemiologists told policymakers would be the best-case scenario, and we are far, far from it. Their doomsday scenarios were bonkers with millions of deaths.

What the downturn means is that Armageddon was never going to happen at all.

Listening to Boomer academics created a completely unnecessary economic crisis. There are engineers in their 20s at Google and Facebook who could more effectively project the spread of illness than any of these tenured parasites at universities who can’t even do elementary school math.

It is a very real problem that these people continue to have any influence on our public policy. They have cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and many millions of people their jobs over their Chicken Little false prophecies.

And people like Cuomo – who is made of nothing but ambition from head to toe – pumped up their bad models because he saw an opportunity for personal glory. He looked at this situation and saw an opportunity to knock Joe Biden off his pedestal. As if people in Iowa are going to vote for a man who only recently signed legislation authorizing late-term abortion.

The Devil walks among us, and he’s armed with bogus statistics. And he has legions of ignorant followers.

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