Key U.S. coronavirus death projection revised down to 60,000

The dire and wildly inaccurate model that Fauci and Birx rely on has now been dramatically revised, again:

Some 60,000 Americans could die in the coronavirus pandemic, a university model often cited by U.S. and state policymakers projected on Wednesday, a 26% reduction in its most recent forecast death toll.

The University of Washington model’s downward revision coincides with relative optimism from political leaders that caseloads may have reached a plateau in certain areas, albeit with the U.S. death toll climbing by 1,800 on Tuesday as nearly 30,000 new infections were reported.

Even that revised forecast suggested months of pain ahead for the nation, which had recorded nearly 13,000 deaths from the new coronavirus as of Tuesday night, according to a Reuters tally of official data.

The pandemic has upended American life, with more than 90% of the population ordered to stay at home and nearly 10 million people thrown out of work in the past two weeks.

At the rate these goons are revising the model every day, we might not even get half that many. In that case, the flu will have actually been deadlier this year like every critic of the global shutdown has been saying for weeks, even with Birx’s inflated death statistics. There were never going to be millions of deaths. Hospitals were never going to be broadly overwhelmed.

And before you attribute this to social distancing, the model already assumed social distancing was in place. The projections are off on their own because they were largely not connected to reality in the first place.

We destroyed a $21 trillion economy for this, and provoked other countries around the globe to do the same to theirs. We destabilized our health care system for this, forcing hospitals to cancel almost all activity and twiddle their thumbs waiting for a massive outbreak that was never going to arrive. Now hospitals are being forced to cut normal staff for financial reasons.

And it’s quite possible we are going to get close to another 10 million jobless claims tomorrow.

We’ve created a society where a Colorado dad got arrested by police for playing T-ball with his daughter in a field. Where a paddleboarder got arrested for not social distancing from the fish. Where people are getting tickets for watching the sunset from their parked cars along the beach. Where states are telling stores what inventory they can stock, because they don’t want you going out for shampoo or vegetable seeds. Pure madness.

Just another chapter in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. At least it was an interesting experiment to see how easily policymakers could get people to roll over and give up their civil liberties. The Founding Fathers this generation is not.

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