Trump fires IG managing coronavirus relief package days after appointing him

It’s difficult to keep up with the myriad ways Washington dysfunction has created obstacles to getting financial relief to ordinary Americans and businesses.

First, Congress passed a $2 trillion spending bill with a lot of dumb provisions that will continue to destroy economic value, even as the legislation promises relief. We’ve got airlines close to insolvency flying empty planes around. We’ve got DC stooges bickering about who to put on what committee to debate who gets what.

This is par for the course for Congress though. They have no problem passing legislation quickly without anyone scrutinizing it (like Pelosi said on Obamacare: “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”), but they establish these shadow congressional bodies that muck it all up over a longer time horizon.

Second, Nancy Pelosi is setting up a committee to investigate Trump’s coronavirus response in media res, led by the same idiots who brought us the phone-call impeachment as the coronavirus was spreading across Asia. Liberal Boomers can’t stop being awful human beings, not even for a pandemic and economic depression.

Third, Trump fired the inspector general he appointed to oversee the coronavirus relief package merely days after naming him to the position. And then he accused him of being a Democratic plant. Now we’ve got the IG from the freaking Environmental Protection Agency managing the response because sure why not. Apparently it did not occur to the Trump administration to maybe vet the person being put in control of $2 trillion.

Fourth, Senate leaders seem to be at an impasse on yet another relief package, which if it follows the same pattern as the first might be finalized and delivered sometime in 2021. I’m kidding, but not really.

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