White House has been artificially inflating the coronavirus death toll

One of the reasons why the United States leads the world in coronavirus deaths is that President Trump’s coronavirus response team has been deliberately manipulating the data on deaths to make the death toll look bigger than it is in reality. “War-time president” and all that.

We are currently the only country in the world where anyone who has the coronavirus but dies from a totally unrelated cause is labeled as having died from the coronavirus. They are also not demanding a test for someone who has died to even confirm that they had the coronavirus. If you have symptoms in line with the coronavirus (i.e. common cold symptoms), even mild symptoms, then you hit the books as a coronavirus death.

So if you have coronavirus symptoms, but die of a heart attack, you are a coronavirus death. Or any other bizarre, unrelated cause.

Again, other countries are doing the exact opposite of this with their data for the obvious reasons.

So to be clear, the new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have not been tracking anywhere close to where the models the White House is using – in fact, they aren’t even tracking close to revisions made only 24 hours earlier, so Fauci and Birx are failing miserably at being able to predict pretty much anything, even in the short term – and that is with artificially inflating the numbers to propagandize their response.

This is as people around the world are starting to lose their shit over the economic fallout from the coronavirus response, which is probably only going to accelerate after new jobless claims are reported tomorrow morning.

Trump’s biggest problem as president has always been that he simply cannot put together an honest and competent team for anything.

3 thoughts on “White House has been artificially inflating the coronavirus death toll

  1. I’ve been taking the comorbidity factor into account since Italy was accused of it first.

    The death counts actually aren’t that unusual either. Very bad flu. That’s all.

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    1. I’m actually kind of curious how far the questionable accounting goes. If you have a mild case of coronavirus or cold-like symptoms and you die in a car crash, did coronavirus still kill you?


  2. Honestly, I can’t get past the motivation to exaggerate death tolls from an illness. I thought it was utterly bizarre last week that the White House suddenly got on board with the most dire (and discredited) models when Trump was only two days earlier downplaying the threat. It’s like they suddenly decided that they could dial up the panic and get more Trumpbucks in an election year or something. Now they have admitted to inflating statistics. “We have a very liberal view of mortality,” WTF? Is Trump actually so delusional that he thinks this makes him look good? Improves the “ratings” of what MAGA folks are now ghoulishly calling “rona rallies.”? The man must be getting some catastrophically bad advice.


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