American Academy of Family Physicians estimates 40% of family clinics may close by June

I have been discussing how the coronavirus panic has been undermining health care in the US, as regular doctors cannot practice while the nation waits for a surge in coronavirus cases that is not happening. Turns out, the American Academy of Family Physicians has developed a model of their own: the number of doctors across the country that Fauci and Birx are directly putting out of business with their complete and utter bullshit.

Conditions are ideal for a non-physician takeover of health care in the country if this continues. But will health care become the province of private equity or the federal government? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am suddenly starting to see the utility of having a pair of politically connected doctors (using models 100% funded by Bill Gates’ personal wealth, an individual who openly wants to influence health care policy across the world) laying waste to the healthcare landscape of the United States.

Trump, man, I think you have been played like a Stradivarius.

The link above takes you to the study. You can click on the play button to watch the number of family physicians being driven out of business across the country unfold.

I can tell you, the aging of the workforce is no joke in medicine. When our daughter was dealing with medical issues when she was younger, we lost several of her specialists to Congress enacting Obamacare. (The legislation went into effect around the time she was born.) They closed up shop and retired to Florida overnight. People tossing in the towel during this economic depression is a real risk.

It’s really kind of amazing if you think about it. Using his personal wealth, Bill Gates has now fucked up public education with Common Core and health care with bogus coronavirus modeling. What a chap!

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