Furloughs starting to hit government employees, school teachers big-time

A friend sent me a bit about how an Arizona country furloughed nearly all of its non-law enforcement employees. I decided to start looking for local governments that have been furloughing staff.

There is page after page after page of these articles on Google if you search for “municipal employees furlough.”

I have been saying for a while that public school teachers were going to start losing their jobs since state and local governments have nuked the primary sources of per-pupil education funding with their shutdowns. I figured they would at least make it until the end of the school year and see contracts not be renewed. But I did a search for “teachers furloughed” and guess what?

Page after page after page.

Looking at the budgets state and local governments are approving, it looks like they are still being fairly delusional about the level of lost revenues they are going to realize by killing off a sizable chunk of their GDPs. I think a lot of them think they will be saved by a diverse tax base, but so far job losses have been pretty diverse too. This is no longer a story about the hospitality industry or manufacturing. It’s everyone.

But the point is governments are behaving like corporations at this point. Local governments push their staff onto the balance sheet of the state, which pushes it onto the federal government, which pushes it onto the Federal Reserve.

3 thoughts on “Furloughs starting to hit government employees, school teachers big-time

  1. Interesting. I have worked for the City of Broomfield for 15 years, and I just found this out from you. It doesn’t surprise me though. They just spent $47 million on the new rec center, that is supposed to open (or was) around September.

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