Half a million Floridians now unemployed

By the end of the governor’s mandated shutdown, I expect this to reach nearly one million. That’s out of a total workforce of 9 million.

It’s also worth noting how broad the layoffs and furloughs are across industries. The first round of jobless claims in Florida were related to the hospitality industry, but now it is everyone:

Unemployment claims in Florida swelled by about 170,000 last week, as the U.S. added another 6.6 million to its jobless rolls due to the economic fallout from coronavirus.

Combined with the last weeks’ figures of 228,484 and 74,021, nearly half a million Floridians now find themselves on the street looking for work.

The state layoffs across its economy, including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail, and other services industries, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Although the latest figure is lower than last week’s, Florida’s unemployment system remains beset by technical difficulties, which may have contributed to the fluctuation. Late Wednesday, the state revealed a new mobile phone-friendly portal for filing claims. The state has also begun rolling out paper forms for those without reliable access to a computer or Internet.

So we will probably see a larger bump in claims next week now that people can actually access the system.

5 thoughts on “Half a million Floridians now unemployed

      1. Local governments are going to start laying people off themselves eventually. I don’t know how that will impact LEO services. Many have already stopped making house calls for most crimes (and publishing that policy online!). Friend sent a piece on one country in Arizona that furloughed 80% of non-essential staff.

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