Protest at Ohio statehouse over shutdown

The Guy Fawkes masks are coming out. (Seriously, people, the real Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament because he wanted a Catholic monarch restored. He wasn’t a revolutionary, he was a reactionary. Hollywood wouldn’t know that because they don’t read anything longer than a tweet on most days.)

Ohio was one of the first states to lock down its economy, so they are nearly a month into this nonsense. There are 5,512 coronavirus cases in Ohio with 213 deaths. In contrast, 695,519 residents have submitted jobless claims.

At the capitol:

Around 75 protesters gathered outside of the Ohio Statehouse on Thursday to criticize the government’s restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak.

Many wore Guy Fawkes masks over their faces, and at least one held a gun. Their signs criticized the governor’s stay-at-home order, closure of schools and shutdown of the economy: “My constitutional rights are essential,” “Ohio dies when government lies,” “Quarantine the sick not the Constitution,” “A free people in a pandemic are still a free people.”

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton acknowledged the chanting that often could be heard during Thursday’s press conference. “There are people protesting right now outside the Statehouse. And people are worried. They’re afraid. They’re afraid about things like their jobs,” she said.

DeWine said the protesters had every right to be there, although he urged them to “try not to shout on each other.” The state’s ban on mass gatherings includes allowances for expressing First Amendment rights.

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