The Biden campaign is beyond insane

This post is an apology of sorts to my friend, @ajeanneinthekitchen, who tried to correct me last night and was met with an epic whine-fest. (Also, she has the most amazing cooking blog in the world and you all should follow her or subscribe by email.) Watching the stuff that is happening to our economy for no good reason is making me lose my patience bigtime, and I need to remember to listen to people who always have excellent points to make.

Here is video of one of Biden’s advisers who is arguing that the economy “realistically” needs to be shut down for 18 months. Try to imagine that for a moment. The Federal Reserve is already printing trillions to replace lost economic activity in the United States over the course of weeks. Does the Biden camp think the Federal Reserve is “realistically” going to print like $30 trillion or more to replace the entire economy while everyone stays at home and hides from pneumonia? AOC is not even that stupid (I think).

I have been laying off the news for weeks now (see my earlier post on maintaining your purity of mind in a crisis), so I really had no idea this was the batshit path these nutsos were going down this week. This is the most cuckoo thing I have ever seen, and that’s a high bar because I used to be Aggressively Online.

The thing is, what these chaps are saying is not that far off from the bonkers stuff Fauci regularly spews. Only a day ago, Fauci was saying that the United States was never going to return to normal – that even after there was a successful vaccine, the threat will still be “out there.” I guess the guy thinks the world should have ended with smallpox? I think Trump should seriously explore the idea that maybe these people are cut from the same cloth and put people back to work. They are all freaking crazy and it’s so far past time to move on.

One thought on “The Biden campaign is beyond insane

  1. Thanks for the love and for the shout out. I think these crazy, chaotic times are making us all loose our minds and our sanity. We can always bounce different ideas off each other. No one says we always have to agree. We are all questioning everything these days. As Goldie would say, “Stay Golden”. 🙂

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