After blocking aid to small businesses, Senate Democrats demand US send $5 billion in cash to Iran

This is the same country, you will remember, who attacked our military operations in Iraq all the way back on January 8th (so far in the distant past, you know) and then shot down an airliner full of its own people thinking it was connected to the US. Democrats spent a week breathlessly repeating how we were headed to World War III, which obviously never happened. Iran has a long history of driving conflicts to the brink and then backing away. They prefer to pay suicide bombers and IED engineers to carry out their plots instead, because that’s the kind of worthless cowards they are. And Democrats are really keen on giving them money to do exactly that for some reason.

Now Democrats want to send $5 billion in “humanitarian aid” to the country that cares so little about its own people that it has no problem slaughtering them outright. They don’t want to send them supplies. They want to send them CASH. Because dumping cash on the world’s top sponsor of terrorism is one of their favorite pastimes.

Diane Feinstein pushed this bullshit on the same exact day that Senate Democrats blew up another aid package for American workers because they once again want it loaded up with pork. I mean, really, these people are mentally and morally ill.

Do you think a country that has no problem whatsoever killing thousands of protesters might also not have a problem with diverting money ostensibly given as humanitarian aid to terrorism? Especially when their professed arch-enemy, who is somehow giving them the money, is particularly fragile and exposed to a potential terrorist attack?

They are this stupid, folks.

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