Is Boeing going to rebel and reopen its facilities?

It’s difficult to tell what Boeing’s corporate policy is these days.

Only a few days ago, Boeing announced that it was going to keep its plants shut down indefinitely. The last I heard, the governor of Washington state had extended their lockdown until early May.

Yesterday, it was reported that Boeing was going to lay off 10% of its massive workforce. Not furlough, lay off. As I have mentioned many times, as these shutdowns drag on, the percentage of job losses that are permanent increase. Companies can only absorb expenses with zero revenue for so long.

Now, there’s a report that Boeing is going to reopen some of its facilities AS SOON AS MONDAY (are they even allowed to do that?):

In a message to employees Friday, aircraft manufacturer Boeing said it planned to resume operations on a limited basis, possibly as soon as Monday, according to reports.

The company plans to recall about 2,500 employees to work at some of its sites in Washington state, where coronavirus mitigation efforts have been among the most successful in the nation.

“There will be new policies and procedures for social distancing and work area cleaning,” the Boeing message read, accordiing to The Seattle Times. “If you are able to support continued production, please reach out to your manager.”

The news comes as President Trump plans to name a second coronavirus task force, this one charged with reviving the U.S. economy, which has been stalled by state-mandated shutdowns that have temporarily shuttered businesses and resulted in millions of layoffs across the country.

It also comes amid reports that Boeing was considering a 10 percent cut in its global workforce of about 160,000 employees, including buyout offers, early retirements and involuntary layoffs.

Boeing plans to provide returning workers with personal protective equipment, such as face masks, and enact social distancing measures at its work sites, such as floor markings and staggered work times, the Times reported.

The president of a union that represents Boeing employees welcomed the move “as long as Boeing can provide a safe workplace,” the Times reported.

“Social distancing is going to be the toughest part,” Jon Holden, president of the International Association of Machinists union District 751, told the newspaper.

Holden said workers concerned about risks to family members will have the option of going on unemployment instead.

“That will be up to the individual,” he said.

Boeing is a key supplier to the U.S. military as well as commercial airlines. Work scheduled to resume will involve the manufacture of KC-46 refueling plans and P-8 anti-submarine aircraft, Seattle’s KING-TV reported.

Returning workers also will perform maintenance on 737 MAX passenger jets, which have been grounded following a pair of crashes that raised questions about the model’s safety, the station reported.

I am hoping we are going to see a lot more of this rebellion going on.

We can’t wait while an increasingly impotent Trump is going to fiddle-fuck around listening to yet another lousy task force while Dr. Doom is going to try to persuade him to keep the economy shut down forever and put microchips in people to track their medical history like bad science fiction. This destructive public policy game has to end, or the economic carnage is just going to keep ramping up.

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