Michigan governor bans visiting someone else’s house and gardening

So this is the woman that political observers think has the biggest shot at being named Joe Biden’s running mate:

fter Friday, Michigan residents will no longer be able to jump in the car — or cross the street — to visit friends and relatives inside the state, or to go to the cottage Up North, with limited exceptions.

That is one of the major changes in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “stay home” order, issued Thursday, which also extends the expiration of the order to May 1.

Until now, travel between two Michigan residences has been permitted.

Beginning Saturday morning, that will end, except for purposes such as caring for a relative, an elderly friend, or a pet, visiting a nursing home or similar facility, attending a funeral with no more than 10 people, or complying with a court order related to child custody.

“All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited,” Whitmer said at a news conference. “People can still leave the house for outdoor activities,” and outdoor “recreational activities are still permitted as long as they’re taking place outside of six feet from anyone else.”

The governor has also closed garden and nursery centers, continuing Democratic governors’ inexplicable war on allowing people to grow their own food or go fishing.

If you violate the order, the state will fine you $1,000.

Update: I’m enjoying all the people taking pictures of the items in stores that fascist Democratic governors deem “non-essential.” Today’s edition: Car seats for your children.

9 thoughts on “Michigan governor bans visiting someone else’s house and gardening

  1. Here in New Mexico we have an equally dictatorial-minded governor, but the police are not enforcing her fascist decrees, thankfully, and people are going on with their lives as best they can.

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  2. I can’t believe things like this are happening, and yet, it actually doesn’t surprise me to some degree 😦 A lot of these things were just waiting to happen… just waiting for the right circumstances, like a national disaster real or contrived, to get ready to be enforced. Just so awful!

    And just wanted to say, you remind me of a Cassandra, a woman who could, “see,” the economic destruction that could have happened way before other people did or could (or even cared!). Only awful thing about that is that in being a Cassandra and having that gift of being able to see something that may be coming, is that most other people refuse to believe it. Makes for a very frustrating and somewhat lonely experience, and I can totally relate unfortunately.

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