Fascinating piece on hospitals as institutional “super-spreaders”

Having logged entirely too many days (months) in ICUs for family medical catastrophes, I learned a lot about MRSA and how it is virtually omnipresent in hospitals and nursing homes. I witnessed first-hand some of the ridiculous bureaucratic measures that the health care industry has created surrounding MRSA, which is more about managing financial liability and malpractice suits than protecting anyone from a practical standpoint. (Enjoy reading the small print on all the legal documents you sign when a loved one is hospitalized.)

That has also been true of the coronavirus epidemic. While the entire nation is physically locked down to control the spread of the virus, a large fraction of the cases are connected to infections within medical and long-term care facilities themselves – meaning the general public has little to do with them.

With that in mind, this is a really interesting and informative essay.

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