Advice from our fishmonger

I have been writing over the past week about how the supply chain for meat products is breaking. There are a lot of slaughterhouses that are being closed for various reasons, which is leaving farmers with no end game for their livestock.

That was reinforced by today’s trip to the grocery store. Our fishmonger told us that the managers (citing information from their corporate headquarters) are saying that fresh meat is going to become increasingly scarce (now that grocery stores were finally getting back to normal). He was telling people to get what they can and freeze it, because at the very least prices on meat are going way up.

I’m kind of surprised investors aren’t jumping into the slaughterhouse business all of a sudden.

It is making me wonder if this is going to be another blow to the restaurant business, whatever it does to ordinary consumers. Even if the economy opens back up in the near-term, where are they going to get food?

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