New York Times continues to push lie that the US is short on medical staff due to coronavirus

In reality, hospitals clear across the country are furloughing existing medical staff because they don’t have the revenues to support them. Hospitals revenues are in decline due to state and local governments issuing orders that they suspend “elective procedures” (defined as anything but the coronavirus, but it actually includes many quite serious and urgent procedures) and twiddle their thumbs waiting for a surge that is not coming because the models the government is using suck. Even in NYC, only a handful of hospitals ever reached capacity. And that happens during bad flu seasons in urban areas – it’s hardly a new phenomenon. You just send people to other facilities in the area.

The last thing the US needs to do is import medical staff to address the coronavirus. As we like to say in Florida, “the storm was a no-show.”

The insane coronavirus response in this country has made health care workers one of the largest subsets of people currently unemployed, and it will probably destabilize health care in this country for years to come. It’s a real problem that the kinds of people who major in public health in college are little Marxists.

Don’t believe me?

Becker’s Hospital CFO Report: 94 hospitals furloughing workers in response to COVID-19

Furloughs, Retirement Cuts And Less Pay Hit Massachusetts Doctors And Nurses As COVID-19 Spreads

Philly-area hospitals furlough employees as coronavirus prep depletes revenue

Hospitals are laying off workers in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic – One nurse characterized the situation as: “You’re a hero, but also we don’t value you enough to prepare or pay you.”

Glens Falls Hospital furloughs 338 employees; leaders take pay cuts

East Texas hospitals furlough workers amid COVID-19 pandemic

Kalispell Regional Healthcare furloughs 600 employees

Second Kentucky hospital furloughs staffers

Montana Has 7th Virus Death; Hospital Furloughs Announced

Trinity Health furloughs employees, cuts to executive pay

Syracuse hospital furloughs 500 workers due to financial losses tied to pandemic

Hospitals furlough staff, reduce physician salaries waiting for CARES Act funds

Tennessee hospital furloughs more than 200 employees

Minnesota hospitals cut pay, furlough workers to ease COVID-19 financial blow

Cash-starved hospitals and doctor groups cut staff amid pandemic

Kentucky hospital to furlough 300 employees in ‘unprecedented times’

Sarasota Memorial Hospital To Furlough Employees Due To $16 Million Revenue Shortfall

Cleveland hospital furloughs 70 staffers

Lehigh Valley hospitals turn to furloughs, cost-cutting measures as they fight the coronavirus

The Mayo Clinic Is Cutting Pay and Furloughing Staff Due to COVID

Morehead hospital furloughs 300 staff amid COVID-19 outbreak for lack of revenue

Detroit Medical Center laying off 60 amid coronavirus; McLaren eyes furloughs

Cash-strapped Florida hospitals face furloughs as COVID-19 peak nears

There are about 10 more pages of that with a simple Google search….

2 thoughts on “New York Times continues to push lie that the US is short on medical staff due to coronavirus

  1. Eitheram McDowell in Danville is laying off 600 people or 35% of the staff was announced yesterday it’s hope to have them come back in 4-6 mo so your completely correct on this one

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