Trump’s “authorizing” states to reopen is not about the law

I have to say, it’s pretty amusing watching the media try to punch it out with Trump over whether the Constitution allows him to “authorize” the re-opening of state economies. Even conservative-leaning sites are caught up in giving “Federalism 101” lessons. Can they really be this stupid?

Trump is not trying to bully blue states into opening their economies in defiance of the Constitution. He’s providing POLITICAL COVER to red state governors to do so, as that is clearly what they want to do.

The single best thing for Trump politically would be for red states to experience record-smashing recoveries by opening sooner rather than later and for blue states to continue with lockdowns, banning the sale of vegetable seeds and car seats, arresting protesters, and watching their health care systems melt down waiting for a wave of dire cases that just isn’t coming.

He’s not making a case for ending federalism. He’s daring his political opponents to dial up the doom while he moves to a more optimistic track. It never ceases to amaze me how the Democrats who love to play opposite-day with Trump like little preschoolers still do not understand how this works. He just keeps beating them over the head with the exact same maneuver over and over and over again and they never learn. They are obsessed with their gotcha du jour and they have no idea how freaking insane they seem to ordinary Americans.

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