Cuomo hires McKinsey to “Trump-proof” economic plan, except McKinsey is also working for Trump

You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo made a big show out of hiring controversial consulting firm McKinsey & Co. (the same McKinsey that destroyed Buttigieg’s political career) to develop a plan to re-open the economy that was “Trump-proof”:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has hired high-powered consultants to develop a science-based plan for the safe economic reopening of the region that can thwart expected pressure from President Donald Trump to move more rapidly, state government sources told Reuters on Wednesday.

Cuomo, along with many other U.S. governors, shut his state economy to limit the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus and has warned that he is are prepared to keep businesses shut – perhaps for several months more – unless he can assure public safety.

Governors from seven East Coast states formed a coalition on Monday, led by New York, to develop a joint reopening plan. Three governors from the West Coast formed a similar plan. The 10 states, mostly led by Democrats, together make up 38% of the U.S. economy.

As part of Cuomo’s effort, McKinsey & Co. is producing models on testing, infections and other key data points that will underpin decisions on how and when to reopen the region’s economy, the sources said.

Cuomo has also recalled three former top aides: Bill Mulrow, a senior adviser at Blackstone Group; Steven Cohen, an executive vice president and CEO of MacAndrews & Forbes Inc; and Larry Schwartz, a deputy Westchester County executive.

Deloitte is also involved in developing the regional plan, a source said.

The goal is to “Trump-proof” the plan, said an adviser to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

“We think Trump ultimately will blink on this, but if not, we need to push back, and we are reaching out to top experts and other professionals to come up with a bullet-proof plan,” to open on the state’s terms, said a Cuomo adviser.

Apparently McKinsey neglected to tell the governor that they were likewise working for Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner:

Dozens of Trump administration officials have trooped to the White House podium over the last two months to brief the public on their effort to combat coronavirus, but one person who hasn’t — Jared Kushner — has emerged as perhaps the most pivotal figure in the national fight against the fast-growing pandemic.

What started two-and-a-half weeks ago as an effort to utilize the private sector to fix early testing failures has become an all-encompassing portfolio for Kushner, who, alongside a kitchen cabinet of outside experts including his former roommate and a suite of McKinsey consultants, has taken charge of themost important challenges facing the federal government: Expanding test access, ramping up industry production of needed medical supplies, and figuring out how to get those supplies to key locations.

Kushner has even obtained a new center of power at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the crisis-responseorganization that’s taken over coronavirus strategy and planning — and where Kushner and his deputies ride herd on the health agencies that had been criticized for their slow responses to the pandemic earlier this year.

Kushner’s group, which some have characterized as an “all-of-private-sector” operation in contrast to Vice President Mike Pence’s “all-of-government” task force, has had its successes – including airlifting emergency medical supplies to the United States, crowdsourcing mask and glove donations, and rapidly devising a last-ditch plan for hospitals to maximize ventilators.

But the behind-the-scenes working group has also duplicated existing federal teams and operations, and its focus on rapid, short-term decisions has created concern among some health-agency officials, according to interviews with 11 people involved in Kushner’s effort, including senior government officials, outside advisers and volunteers on the projects, as well as other health department and White House officials.

Of course, Cuomo just announced that he’s extending the shutdown for New York State for an entire month, so it doesn’t matter how many expensive consultants he hires. They are fucked. And Trump’s not going to cry about that.

6 thoughts on “Cuomo hires McKinsey to “Trump-proof” economic plan, except McKinsey is also working for Trump

    1. I mean, I get that McKinsey is evil and it’s kind of bullshit to have barely legal MBAs drafting policy proposals, but you almost have to admire them. It’s like how Goldman Sachs tells its clients to do one thing and then takes the other side of the trade.

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