How your children remember this crisis depends on *your* emotional maturity

I have seen a ton of Facebook mommy group types carrying on about how this event is going to “change” their children and how they will probably live with this permanent fear of the world.

I suspect that was probably already true of their children, because they are growing up in a household where emotional tantrums (on and offline) are rewarded. These are the kind of mothers who produce a child like Greta Thunberg.

Early on in this event, I made a decision about how I was going to talk about it around our daughter and how I was not going to let it become some emotional boogeyman for her, as I see it has become for many of my adult peers.

We maintained our routines involving education. We cook together. We watch movies together. We’ve made it through some novels reading out loud to each other. She has spent an enormous amount of time playing outside with neighborhood friends, Sandlot-style. She developed a serious crush on a neighborhood boy that is dominating her thoughts. In short, this past month has been just like any summer vacation for her.

Sure, she sees her father and I talking about the impact the economic collapse has had on industry. She hears us talking to clients around the world about what they are experiencing and their business fears. We’ve explained what is happening and why it is happening to her. She understands from going out around town to support our friends’ businesses how it is impacting their families financially and what that means for their happiness.

But I will be damned if I am going to raise a young woman who is afraid of her own shadow. There are no manufactured victims in my house.

Honestly, I think our country was a lot better off in past decades where emotional behavior and being a drama queen was not rewarded. Before “accommodation plans” in classrooms and Karens on social media. When shit happened – whether you were a man or a woman – you were expected to “man up” and deal with it.

When I look at how our country has nuked more economic value in this crisis than it took to defeat Hitler, it makes me think this is a generation who could never rise to an occasion like that. The Facebook Karens would just stock up on toilet paper so they could shit their pants when the Nazis showed up on their doorstep.

If you care about the kind of people your children are going to become, you need to start by growing up yourself.

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