Unsurprisingly, Jeff Bezos wants the shutdown to last forever

It’s almost like this shutdown is making Jeff Bezos richer than ever….

Policymakers’ model for coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have been off by orders of magnitude since this crisis began, but Bezos thinks the shudown needs to continue until most of America has been tested. Waiting that long, of course, will send us back to the Stone Age economically, seeing as how a few weeks of the shutdown have pushed unemployment over 20%.

But Amazon’s stock is at record highs while all of Bezos’ brick-and-mortar competitors are closed and clinging to solvency. This is all jolly fun for him.

When listening to folks’ opinions about current events, from Bezos to Bill Gates, consider the fact that these people are advocating for their own interests while most of America is in pure hell. This is how economic elites think in every crisis: How can this make me richer? And that’s why they should not be allowed to influence government.

6 thoughts on “Unsurprisingly, Jeff Bezos wants the shutdown to last forever

  1. Auto insurance underwriters are rebating because people aren’t driving. Where’s my rebate from Amazon Prime? My next day orders have turned into next month.


    1. What Amazon is doing is not capitalism. Right now, we have a situation where the government is telling everyone who can stay in business and who cannot. And beyond that, the government is picking and choosing who gets taxpayer-funded assistance to survive and who does not. That’s not capitalism. If Amazon were succeeding by being competitive alone, it should not be controversial. But that’s not what it is doing. They are trying to force policymakers politically to drive their competition out of business arbitrarily. That’s how business works in places like China. Whoever is closest to those in charge wins, even when they don’t deserve to.


      1. My leftist friends hate Bezos . So we need to use this opportunity to get them educated on what you said . But they lump him in with true capitalism. They want government to save us from government. 🙄

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