Higher education furloughs and layoffs have begun

Well, this should change the tone on social media.

College Presidents Expect Layoffs, Admissions Trouble

Chronicle of Higher Education: Major Cost-Cutting Begins in Response to Covid-19, With Faculty and Staff Furloughs and Pay Cuts

University of Arizona plans furloughs, pay cuts for most employees due to expected shortfall

Washington University to furlough 1,300 employees

Valparaiso University furloughs 200 employees; president to take 30% pay cut in COVID-19 reductions

Coronavirus-Caused Furloughs Hit Shuttered Colleges, Large And Small

University of Wisconsin System Administration Office Announces Furloughs For 588 Employees

Sacred Heart University furloughs some staff

University of Rochester says furloughs ahead, hiring freeze now in place

University of Tulsa announces furloughs as financial losses grow due to COVID-19

University of Oregon cuts 282 jobs at least through summer, other colleges also cutting costs, as coronavirus takes financial toll

It’s going to be really interesting to see how many students are willing to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt next semester for online instruction. I’m going to guess there are going to be a lot of deferrals at least.

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