Homeschooled Harvard Alumni: Excuse Me, Professor . . .

Homeschooling Now

By publishing an article highlighting Professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s call for a presumptive ban on home education, Harvard Magazine may have actually done the homeschooling movement a favor.

Though it listed the alleged “risks of homeschooling,” the piece didn’t bother to quote anyone involved in home education. Homeschoolers have remedied this oversight by announcing in various media just how wrong Bartholet’s claim—that homeschooling isolates children, violates their rights, exposes them to abuse, and makes them bad citizens—is.

“Today, as a direct result of my homeschool education, I am a successful attorney at one of the premier law firms in the United States,” wrote Harvard Law School graduate Alex Harris on his Facebook account. “But I’m just one of many success stories.”

He could have been referring to fellow graduate Melba Pearson.

“Harvard was the very first school I ever set foot in,” she blogged in response to Bartholet’s views. “Homeschooling…

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