Interview with the Swedish Government’s top epidemiologist

This is the perspective the hyenas in our media are trying to smear and suppress, via the British news site UnHerd. Rather than trying to frame his arguments with their own take, they just let the guy talk, and he has a lot to say.

(For those who are unfamiliar, UnHerd is a relatively new media site, founded in 2017 and supported financially by former Liberal Democrat donor and Brexit-supporting businessman Sir Paul Marshall. Its mission is to “push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking, and to provide a platform for otherwise unheard ideas, people and places.” I kind of like it, as they offer a wide variety of perspectives and let folks draw their own conclusions. I wish we had something like this in the US.)

Summary from the site:

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks:

  • UK policy on lockdown and other European countries are not evidence-based
  • The correct policy is to protect the old and the frail only
  • This will eventually lead to herd immunity as a “by-product”
  • The initial UK response, before the “180 degree U-turn”, was better
  • The Imperial College paper was “not very good” and he has never seen an unpublished paper have so much policy impact
  • The paper was very much too pessimistic
  • Any such models are a dubious basis for public policy anyway
  • The flattening of the curve is due to the most vulnerable dying first as much as the lockdown
  • The results will eventually be similar for all countries
  • Covid-19 is a “mild disease” and similar to the flu, and it was the novelty of the disease that scared people.
  • The actual fatality rate of Covid-19 is the region of 0.1%
  • At least 50% of the population of both the UK and Sweden will be shown to have already had the disease when mass antibody testing becomes available.

This is certainly the perspective I have come to agree with since I first started following the coronavirus stuff back in January, having mentally blocked out most political commentary on the subject and immersing myself in the data. Unfortunately, in the US, you have a choice between hype (the media and blue state governors / mayors) and hype-lite (the Trump administration, which continues to misrepresent the actual mortality rate of the virus to the American public). Both have been immensely destructive to the American economy, though it is good that the Trump administration is finally pushing to reopen the economy now that the Bill Gates-funded models they have been using have been embarrassingly off by orders of magnitude.

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