The Cuomo family battled the coronavirus with pseudoscience

Y’all know I love me some good pseudoscience, and CNN personality Chris Cuomo’s wife has some Gwyneth Paltrow-grade pseudoscience to offer if you are suffering from the coronavirus. It’s an unbearably stupid time to be alive.

I’m not sure this is as dangerous as his brother suggesting that federal taxpayers need to bail out New York’s pension system because of the coronavirus, however.

Never forget these people have opinions about what prescription drugs should be prescribed to treat this illness.

Presented without comment:

This past week was very challenging for me. What started as a sinus cold escalated into nightly sinus headaches and tough breathing. I stayed on the course I set for Chris of oxygenated herbs:

3 Sinex daily

3 Antivirals daily 

3 KappArrest daily

3 OXO (nontoxic quinine) daily. Here’s one you can buy from Cinchona officinalis—Peruvian bark. This is essential to oxygenate the blood.

I made a liver-cleansing beverage with one raw garlic clove, one orange, one lemon, a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, a spoonful of olive oil, a crunch of ginger and a piece of turmeric. On the days I was also in isolation, I made a big batch in advance and kept it in the fridge.


Alka C—6000 mg per day (helps reduce the inflammation this virus causes all over the body)

3 Vitamin B

2 Vitamin D

Echinacea Osha—3 droppers full daily 

Respiratory Response—3 droppers full daily

Glutathione powder 

Two medicinal florals: xanthium and magnolia

Viracid from Orthomolecular—available online

On Tuesday and Wednesday, when my sinus congestion was painful, I enlisted Dr. Roxanna Namavar from Pretty Healthy NYC, who also does vitamin drips at home in the Hamptons. She shows up in her full hazmat outfit and 3M mask. I got magnesium, NAC (a precursor to glutathione, said to be very helpful against COVID-19), vitamin C with lysine, proline, and B complex, folic acid, zinc, selenium, glutathione and caffeine (to combat the headache).

Both days, I added ½ cup of Clorox to my bathwater to combat the radiation and metals in my system and oxygenate it. 

I used a “body charger,” which energy specialist Randy Oppitz suggested I borrow from a friend. It sent electrical frequencies through my body to oxygenate my blood and stimulate the healthy production of blood cells to fortify my immune system. It also rebalanced my energy, which was gravely off from the stress of caregiving, catching the virus, fearing my kids would get it, etc. The key to healing the human body is directly related to the body’s ability to allow energy to flow through it. “I discovered in my 40-year career as a personal energy specialist that every person I ever worked with has blocked energies. The Body Charger is a device that transfers energy, breaks up, and pulls out the low frequency while replacing with a higher rate,” Oppitz told me. 

I also rented a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine, which optimizes the ability of cells to start healing. It uses low-energy fields to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the cells after a physical injury or a viral attack on the body’s tissues or bones. For COVID-19, it increases the speed with which your lungs and whole body can recover. I was able to rent this from StandWellness in Water Mill for the month, but it is good to use for any ailment, at any time. I have used it in my office for the arthritis on my foot and for the inflammation Lyme disease caused my shoulders. 

Every day this week, Chris and I both ate an Ayurveda lunch from chef Corey de Rosa at Tapovana in Bridgehampton; his menu treats food as medicine. Aside from improving digestion, Tapovana’s dishes are also nourishing and cleansing. They focus on having balanced proportions of essential healing micro (vitamins and minerals) and macro (proteins, carbs and fats) nutrients. I had also ordered lots of comfort Italian cuisine to go from Aquolina; that way, I could freeze it and have it on hand for the kids to simply heat up.

Here’s what we ate for food as medicine:


Breakfast: Organic coffee with oat milk; the vascular shrinkage of the caffeine helped my raging sinus headache from the inflamed pressure. Liver-cleansing smoothie. Chris had English muffins with almond butter. 

Lunch: Chickpeas and spinach, which is high in B vitamins; lemon rasam—a high immunity-building soup; and mango chutney for digestion.

Dinner: Soup made with organic chicken stock, spinach, carrots, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper, for respiratory health. 


Breakfast: Green tea (caffeinated). Liver-cleansing smoothie. Chris had oatmeal. 

Lunch: Cabbage, asparagus—a kidney cleanser—and chayote sambar (chayote is a tropical squash that hydrates the body and is high in vitamin C), with a lentil stew; mango with cardamom and cashews, a tissue-builder that’s also delicious

Dinner: Aqualina’s zucchini-and-mint soup and mushroom crepes. 


Breakfast: Organic coffee with oat milk. Liver-cleansing smoothie. Chris had scrambled eggs on seven-grain toast. 

Lunch: Pongal, made of mung beans and rice, which strengthens and fortifies all bodily systems; and rose lassi, a yogurt-based drink packed with natural probiotics. 

Dinner: Aqualina’s vegetable lasagna, organic chicken stock soup with vegetables.


Breakfast: Organic coffee with oat milk. Liver-cleansing smoothie. Chris had scrambled eggs with spinach and tarragon on seven-grain toast. 

Lunch: Chai tea, a tissue-builder and digestive aid; mashed mung daal, green chile and cilantro, all of which help remove environmental impurities; butternut squash with toasted lentils and red pepper, a dish high in vitamins A and C. 

Dinner: Eggplant caponata (a slow-cooked Italian dish with chopped cooked veggies); Juice Press’ Soupa Doupa Greens soup


Breakfast: Ginger lemon tea, GT’s Kombucha Gingerade, liver-cleansing smoothie. 

Lunch: Sesame brown basmati rice, high in calcium; organic chicken stock soup with vegetables

Dinner: For Chris and the kids—filet mignon with broccoli rabe, egg noodles; zucchini-and-mint soup for me.   


Breakfast: Ginger lemon tea. Liver-cleansing smoothie. Chris had pancakes with the kids. 

Lunch: Tutto il Giorno salad and eggplant parmigiana

Dinner: Tutto il Giorno lasagna and chicken for the kids and Chris; butternut squash soup from Aqualina for me, and some vegetable lasagna. 


Breakfast: Ginger lemon tea, Organic Krush Wellness Shot with cayenne, orange, ginger and lemon 

Lunch: Organic Krush’s chicken, tomato, rice, avocado and cilantro fajitas with corn tortillas

Dinner: Mushroom crepes; steamed spinach and broccoli rabe; eggplant caponata


Breakfast: Organic coffee with oat milk, Lumi grapefruit juice

Lunch: Organic Krush’s avocado, cheese, tomato and cilantro quesadillas; lentil soup

15 thoughts on “The Cuomo family battled the coronavirus with pseudoscience

  1. Wow! The snake oil culture is strong in this family! That aside, there’s some overdosing going on as several of those things they were taking have the same things.

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  2. I like alternative medicine and I use reasonable vitamins and supplements . But this list of remedies made me think it must be nice to be rich. The average person cannot afford that stuff, even if it did work! If that woman had gotten sicker, she would have quickly been taken into the best room of the hospital and taken care of.

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  3. Personally, I just like the idea that after Cuomo is done being a jerk and bully to everyone, he gets to go home to his wife who force feeds him all this garbage. It’s a marriage straight out of Pink Floyd.


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