The Atlantic thinks China has the right approach to free speech

We are so far beyond the point of parody, there’s nothing to do but gawk and laugh. The Atlantic has published a lengthy defense of China’s authoritarian approach to regulating public discourse.

We are talking about a country that puts its Muslim minority into legitimate concentration camps where they are tortured and “re-educated.” We are talking about a country that forces minorities and dissidents into literal slave labor in their factories. That has vast propaganda operations and enables terrorist regimes like North Korea.

The Chinese Communist Party silences people who are perceived as posing an even modest threat to their power. And journalists in the US think that is reasonable?

This comes in a week when CNN removed an episode of Larry King Live where the mother of the woman who accused Biden of rape talks about how her daughter reported the event to her supervisors and was shrugged off. And a week where YouTube and Twitter are removing content from a publicly-traded biotechnology firm for literally no other reason than Trump mentioned their lab projects during a press conference.

No matter what Trump does, his political opponents still find ways to come off as total psychopaths.

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