A day of firsts

Here is an age progression of photographs for the eaglets in our neighborhood, from chicks only a couple months ago to proper birds of prey now. Not going to lie, we are all very proud of them.

And video of one of the eaglets trying out her wings. You can tell they are getting ready for flight, but the first steps are launching themselves onto nearby branches. The tree they are in is very, very tall, so you can’t blame them for being a little anxious. I wonder at what age they get their white heads.

Today was the first day restaurants in Florida were open for seating. We tried to make it to two of our favorites. The A1A was bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The beach folks were back in all their glory. Because who doesn’t have a golf cart with a giant shark on top and a sign for ukuleles?

I hope the rest of the country opens soon. At this point, it is abundantly clear policymakers are trashing the economy for nothing. I am glad so many of our friends have made it through, at least until now.

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