Biden’s lady problems

It never gets less funny that Democrats chose Joe Biden, of all people, to be their nominee.

Much like Hillary Clinton, there is literally nothing positive you can say about the guy. Biden has been in Washington DC longer than middle-aged people have been alive. He is going to be in his early 80s in the White House. He already has such significant memory issues that he needs to read off of a script for even the simplest conversations. His family is a white trash web of corruption. And he has a history of making unwanted physical advances on women that are regularly captured on video and have been for decades. Who giddily sniffs a woman’s hair in the middle of a press conference? Biden does. Now tell me you don’t believe he’d ever stick his hand up a woman’s skirt in private. (During the same time frame when the Democratic president had a barely-legal intern “flavoring” his cigars.)

It probably goes without saying that the sexual assault stories about Biden are just getting started. The one that is hounding him right now came up organically – the woman herself wanted to talk about it. You can bet the RNC has a dossier of their own that they are saving until September / October. But what really makes this hilarious is that the DNC knew this about him and pushed him anyway.

I have said this before, but the hardest part of running against Trump is that there is nothing new to learn about Trump. People have already made up their minds about him one way or the other. (Though it does seem like the forever lockdowns in blue states are red-pilling some independents, if you believe Gallup’s polling.) In fact, it is worse than that. Normals are existentially exhausted with the “this is finally going to be the thing that takes Trump down” crowd. It all sounds like blah, blah, blah I hate Trump.

Biden, however, has been hiding under the protective wing of the Obama political machine and media echo chamber for over a decade. Obama deflected all criticism of Biden – his problems with women, his business dealings in the Ukraine and China and God knows where else. And Republicans know these topics are rich territory. I’m just waiting for the story about blue-collar Biden’s offshore bank accounts, because you know it’s coming.

Beyond that, it is a real problem for Boomer liberals that younger generations (including younger generations of Democrats) do not share their nostalgia for the Obama era. That was the era they had to move back in with their parents. That was the era they went shopping for health insurance for the first time and learned their premium was going to be larger than a mortgage payment even though they are relatively young and healthy. Statistically, they were the demographic that paid the most tax penalties for not complying.

These demographics are now larger shares of the voting block than the Boomers running the show. And they all sat out the Democratic primary out of disgust for the politically anointed.

The Democratic establishment trashing #MeToo is the icing on the cake.

Democrats have been crowing for years about how “hypocritical” it is for the religious right (whatever that is anymore) to support a president who has been married three times. But now they are in the position of saying “I totally believe this man raped his young female staffer, who comes to the table with a litany of witnesses to back up her claim. But I hate Trump so much that I am still going to raise money and get out the vote for the man whom I believe did this.” Sounds like a winning movement to me.

The thing that made Hillary Clinton such an awful candidate, and that now makes Joe Biden such an awful candidate, is there isn’t any moral high ground to be had with these people. It’s like Republicans talk about draining the swamp and Democrats actively try to find a candidate that is the exact image of what Americans loathe about Washington DC.

At this point, most Democrats I know have made it clear that they are withholding judgment on Biden until they see who he nominates as a VP. The dude is gross old corpse who belongs in a memory care ward, but “he” has promised that he will pick a progressive female running mate. So their entire political worldview right now has been reduced to a cheesy Hollywood pitch – a plucky and likable woman accidentally becomes president because an old white guy croaks in office.

It is so precious that they think the same political machine that deliberately turned Biden into a viable candidate despite all reasonable criticism is ever going to have someone who represents their ideals running the show. If they actually wanted that, they’d have a different nominee to begin with. Chances are, they are going to get a female running mate that megadonors can trust.

Personally, I think this is one of many problems that Democrats now have with female voters. Trump now has so many female (and minority) supporters that they aren’t going to be able to scold and shame these demographics into not talking about how they are voting.

But they also have Democratic governors across the country – including female Democratic governors – who have treated the coronavirus as an opportunity to injure family life, particularly upending the lives of working mothers and single mothers. They’ve closed schools and day cares indefinitely, which is tantamount to telling women that they can just give up on their careers and stay at home and be Susie homemaker. They’ve closed parks and trails, and even dismantled playground equipment, to make damn sure a restless kid sabotages their virtual meetings and reminds their supervisors why women with children are a professional liability. If this is the Democratic vision of feminism and supporting women in the workplace, they are beyond screwed.

But that is the quiet part of the Biden nomination: Democrats don’t actually care what happens to women. The only woman they ever want in office will be a swamp monster indistinguishable from the men.

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