Data on nursing home deaths from coronavirus

This is a Google document tracking the percentage of coronavirus deaths that took place in nursing homes and long-term care facilities versus people who were out circulating in public.

I have been saying for months now that the decision to shut down the entire economy over the coronavirus rather than isolate and protect the elderly and other vulnerable populations and let the rest of the country develop herd immunity will go down in history as one of the most catastrophic and ignorant public policy decisions ever made in this country. It was not successful in managing the illness, which wasn’t even a material threat to most of the US population, and it arbitrarily created an economic depression. And what’s worse is these consequences were entirely predictable.

We have tens of millions of people out of work and growing. We’ve passed $3 trillion in stimulus legislation, with state and local governments now asking for another $1 trillion in budget relief since they decided to destroy their own tax bases and public pensions systems over a seasonal illness. The Federal Reserve has blown up its balance sheet by several trillion dollars and has even gotten to the point of buying junk bonds to keep the financial markets from melting down. Corporate earnings are toast. A large fraction of small businesses are going under. Consumer and corporate lenders expect a wave of bankruptcies. The mortgage payment system is trashed. Landlords are going under. Who even knows what is going to happen to colleges and universities. Parts of the supply chain for essential goods and services are floundering. And the national debt is going to exceed the entire GDP of our country for the first time since WW2. For NOTHING.

All because some douche academic wrote a bullshit algorithm in an ancient programming language, spitting out absolute gibberish that he didn’t understand and didn’t correct because he was too busy banging his mistress during the shutdowns he pushed for, and we have no one responsible in public policy or the media to step back for a moment and ask if any of this was rational because public discourse and education in this country are garbage.

And now the issue of lockdowns has morphed into an Orange Man Bad crusade for some governors and mayors, who are suggesting they are going to remain locked down for months and possibly even until there is a vaccine, which may never come.

And the story of the coronavirus mostly comes down a single known fact: nursing homes in this country are gross. You didn’t even need the coronavirus to tell you that. You ever heard of MRSA?

3 thoughts on “Data on nursing home deaths from coronavirus

  1. Maybe this virus is a punishment for the way we treat the elderly and weak in this country . Either way, If cleaner and better nursing home conditions are a result , it might have been worth it .


    1. If anything, things will probably get worse, as the lawsuits are going to put a lot of facilities out of business or force them to cut corners, and government funding is being decimated.


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