Wealthy New Yorkers discover the homeschooling co-op

Everyone here knows that we were homeschoolers before the coronavirus. I have received a lot of questions about whether I think homeschooling would become more popular after this event.

Your typical homeschooling advocate wants to believe that the collapse of public (and private) education during the pandemic would make the scales fall off of everyone’s eyes and that people would realize that having a home-centered life is awesome and the best choice for all families.

But let’s get real. Homeschooling is choice that involves real economic and personal sacrifice. And the families that are in the ideal position to make those sacrifices either were already comfortable living on one income (meaning they have one very high, or at least sufficiently high, earner) or they have unusual flexibility as far as earning a living is concerned (they work in the tech sector, etc.).

I have argued before that the decision by state and local governments (or, let’s get real, mostly leftist politicians) to close schools and keep them closed – in defiance of the scientific facts surrounding this illness and its impact on children – is a decision that will disproportionately impact working women and single mothers (and thus will probably help Trump get re-elected). This is not because I am a “feminazi,” but because it is a simple fact that in western societies, women are charged with taking care of children, even when they have a career outside of the home. It is very rare to find a gender-balanced family – and I’m not even going to argue that is desirable in “normal” times, because I think motherhood is more than checking boxes off a to-do list. But in this case, governments are imposing a very real and extraordinary burden on women in particular. And it is not a decision we are seeing made by policymakers in other countries, which I think speaks to the unique absurdity of what is happening in some states in the service of their Orange Man Bad derangement.

But when you see blue-state policymakers talking about keeping schools closed forever, consider the fact that it’s not really affecting the constituents they care about.

Behold this thread from a writer at Vanity Fair, who also chatters at NBC/MSNBC:

As a homeschooler, I would call this scandalous concept a “co-op.” Homeschoolers form them all the time. And some of the wealthier homeschoolers pay to send their child to a university model school, which is basically the co-op concept taken to its logical conclusion when coupled with extreme fundraising.

It’s not any different than, say, a real estate co-op, where people pool resources to have something better and more functional than a publicly available alternative. These folks have become libertarians in the face of pronounced government failure without realizing it. But it is ultimately a story about economic inequality. These folks are fine with the collapse of public institutions precisely because it is not having an impact on their quality of life. And they are in a position to advocate for catastrophic public policy decisions because of it.

2 thoughts on “Wealthy New Yorkers discover the homeschooling co-op

  1. In a sense, the US is having a similar and related “collapse” that the USSR had in 1991. The collapse of grotesquely badly managed “socialism.”

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