“Defund the Police” movement puts public school security on the chopping block

It is not an exaggeration to say that, within the span of a few months, political activists have totally destroyed public education.

They’ve been at this for a while, culturally and academically. Common Core has produced an illiterate and innumerate generation, with test scores in the US collapsing relative to other countries. There are now developing nations that are making more academic progress than the United States. We’ve had years of drawn out bickering about identity politics in the classroom. The New York Times pushed out a bizarre revisionist history curriculum that teaches, among other things, that the American Revolution was fought to protect slavery.

Then we had the scamdemic, which pushed 50 million public school children out of their classroom (and 42 million Americans out of work). School systems had to suspend standardized testing and are allowing parents to decide whether to promote their children to the next grade level because they’ve been doing cheesy worksheets for months instead of getting anything resembling actual instruction. That’s because, until 10 days ago, there was a killer virus on the lose that was going to be a mass extinction event if people congregated in even smallish groups.

That went out the door immediately once the same unserious public health officials got to talk about the “disease” of white supremacy that has overwhelmed our institutions and demanded organized resistance. This includes the man behind the models Dr. Fauci has been citing, which were off by orders of magnitude. Suddenly doctors are joining thousands of people on the streets, sans masks and gloves, to show their support, and then heading right back into the hospital. (This is why most of the people who died from the coronavirus caught it in hospitals and nursing homes.) Husbands were not allowed into these hospitals to see their children being born because of this crisis. People could not hold funerals. All those concerns… GONE.

It is going to be interesting watching these folks explain to parents how their seven-year-old has to sit in a chair all day behind special barriers, with no recess, gym, or cafeteria, only leaving to go to the bathroom, because the coronavirus is so dangerous.

And good luck trying to convince any skeptic to vaccinate their kids now with the zero credibility you have left. Your child needs this new vaccine, says the crowd at The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, who published a fake study using data from a company with three employees, including a science fiction writer and a porn star, because that’s how rigorous their “science” is. Yeah, poke my kid with your mystery potion, “expert.”

But now the Black Lives Matter movement, with the support of myriad leftist politicians, is pushing to “defund the police.” And that has a whole new set of implications for children in public schools.

Only a few months ago, the political left would have been deploying their fake statistics to exaggerate the amount of gun violence on public school campuses. If there’s a drug deal gone wrong at midnight in a high school parking lot, it’s booked as a school shooting. (That strategy almost anticipated gaming coronavirus statistics, if you think about it.)

Now they are undoing reforms put into place following the Columbine massacre over 20 years ago, which include placing police substations in school facilities to reduce the response time during a crisis like a school shooting or other threat.

The murder of George Floyd isn’t even controversial in the United States. I have not met a single person who defends it, in fact. Not a single one. But suddenly all police officers are being vilified, and that includes all police officers on school campuses. The folks who want to “Defund the Police” want there to be no police officers whatsoever in school facilities.

Here is an article from the left-leaning Huffington Post cheering the idea:

Now, some activists are hoping that the protests against police brutality and racism roiling the country could be a turning point in efforts to dial back this kind of school security. 

In Minneapolis, where protests exploded after a police officer killed local resident George Floyd, the school board voted Tuesday evening in favor of a resolution to cut ties with the police department. Before the vote, board member Josh Pauly told HuffPost that he has already heard from representatives in school districts in “Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, New York, and Illinois” asking for support in crafting a similar resolution. In Denver, a school board member told HuffPost that he has plans to introduce a comparable resolution as well.

See also:

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Kanye West joins protest calling for Chicago Public Schools to remove CPD from schools

Denver School Board Could End Contract With Denver Police Department, Remove Officers From Schools

There is a related movement to remove police officers from college campuses that is being driven by activist students. So much for the #MeToo movement and concerns over date rape in college, I guess. You can report your sexual assault to a private security guard after it happens, maybe?

It is worth noting that police on campus do not just deal with potential school shooters. They are there to prevent all kinds of school violence and to help keep drug trafficking, gangs, pedophiles, and other bad actors who prey on children specifically away from schools. Without police in the area, kids are an easy market and easy marks.

Who wants these outcomes? People who are so drunk on antisocial, anarchist political propaganda that they can’t think through extremely basic questions about how this system came to exist in the first place. “You know, maybe a kindergarten teacher shouldn’t have sole responsibility to keep the pedo van away from the playground?” You think?

These school districts have floated the idea of hiring private security guards to monitor campus activities, which is hilarious. Imagine a school shooter situation with a rent-a-cop as your kid’s only hope when seconds count.

Is there a point lower than this for lefty political activists to reach? If there is, I can’t wrap my head around it.

This is why we fight for school choice. No one of any race, religion, or creed should be forced to entrust their children to irrational and dangerous people like those who operate government schools.

5 thoughts on ““Defund the Police” movement puts public school security on the chopping block

  1. The post-Columbine, Sandy Hook actions that were taken to beef up security at every school, were all overreactions driven by mob sentiment, too. There is no predicting when such events will occur.

    The “defund the police” supporters are just demanding money for themselves. They want jobs to run their mouths in lieu of cops. Give your whole police budget to us—so we can “telecommute” our agitprop. It’s a racket. Like Al Sharpton and before him, Jesse Jackson. Because there are a lot of dumb corporate and political appeasers out there who will throw them money just to sit down and STF up.

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    1. Most urban school districts had a strong police presence before Columbine. Columbine just moved it out into the suburbs. I grew up in LA schools where kids were not allowed to have lockers and police regularly came into the classroom and told everyone to empty their bags, because drugs and weapons were such a big deal. I thought it was a marvel when my family moved out of state and we had an “open” campus where you were allowed to come and go on your free periods. We didn’t even have free periods in CA. Columbine happened when I was a freshman in college, and it was fascinating to watch all schools become like LA schools overnight.

      Even without violent trends, it seems incredible to me to have thousands of people concentrated in a single place with no security presence whatsoever. Eventually something will happen, and you will seem negligent for not anticipating it.

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  2. Keep your kids/teens home. So much more can be done privately than ever before. This could be a time of a great opportunity for the future. More people will realize how much they can do with their own resources and motivations.

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  3. We definitely enjoyed this post. Interesting. Things will only get worse if Biden and “Kham” win. This is a serious time, and parents should have taken back their kids ages ago when education was no longer being taught, just politics and political programming!

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