I am writing a series of books about homeschooling

I have received so many requests for advice on how to get started on homeschooling that I have decided to turn them into a long-form writing experiment with a series of books. These are topics that are perhaps a little too long to fit into a blog post, even by my standards.

I am doing my level best to crank all this out as soon as possible because I know people need this content like yesterday. I promise I will make the books easily accessible to everyone as I figure out how this publishing stuff works. At any rate, expect me to be a little quiet on this platform for a while. You will not be disappointed.

9 thoughts on “I am writing a series of books about homeschooling

  1. This is great news!

    We’ll be entering our 6th year of homeschooling. I still appreciate any advice in this area. I’ve heard from many parents surprised with the knowledge their children were lacking in their respective grades since the public schools had to shut down due to the pandemic and switch to online learning. As a result, there has been and increased amount in inquiries regarding homeschooling.

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  2. Congratulations Amazon is great for self publishing I’m friends with many authors if you need specific information on how to with that just let me know

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  3. Wonderful! My hubs and I were just talking about homeschooling. Overall we really like our school district but if its strictly online learning like the last half of last school year that is a complete farce and I know I can do better. Plus, I’ll probably be out of work in September anyway. It’s perfect timing.

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    1. I honestly don’t think I know anyone who is planning to have their kids in a school this year, which is really starting to blow my mind. It’s not just public schools, either. Private schools are following public schools’ decision-making to avoid liability, and so many of my friends are like, no way I am paying tuition for my kids to take online courses. The whole thing is surreal. Here in Florida, the governor has ordered every school district to have in-person classes, but a lot of parents don’t even want that, because they know the schools are going to treat kids like they are in a prison. Homeschooling is suddenly what people are doing to help kids keep their sanity.

      I feel like there’s no way to predict what the economy is going to be like in the fall. You might be able to find a more flexible gig that makes your life easier. That has happened to us so many times, I can’t even tell you.


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