Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy

I don’t know, I guess I find this entertaining because I just sent an epic heap of Brooks Brothers clothing to Goodwill this past weekend (see my earlier post, The Detritus of the Rat Race). But surely this is the most 2020 thing yet – the iconic brand and face of Wall Street capitalist success, Brooks Brothers, is filing for bankruptcy and shuttering dozens of stores across the country. And the company is seeking a buyer.

A lot of retailers filed for bankruptcy last year. But this year was truly the end of retail as the coronavirus scamdemic kept stores closed for months on end. Much like restaurants, the “experience” of shopping is not the same these days, and certainly not in the metro areas where you’d find posh stores for expertly tailored clothing. One imagines the money now is in selling sweatshop fare to keyboard socialists.

Major Brands that are bankrupt this year:

Brooks Brothers


Tuesday Morning

JC Penney

Neiman Marcus

Lord & Taylor

J Crew

True Religion

Pier 1

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