Kanye’s interview with Forbes

If you feel like the world is not sufficiently trippy for your tastes, I offer you Forbes’ four-hour long interview with Kanye West regarding his presidential aspirations.

My main takeaway is that Kanye seems to think Trump is going to back out of the race and endorse him so Kanye can run as a proper Republican. And he already knows who his running mate will be, a “biblical life coach” from rural Wyoming.

I was going to copy some excerpts here, but really, it’s something you have to experience directly to fully appreciate.

Of all these lunatics, I wish Elon Musk would run for president. He’s clearly a Republican. I wholly trust Elon Musk to do what Trump should have done to government when he was elected: clean house and establish radically new and efficient priorities. He’d certainly transform education in this country.

Alas, I’m just going to sit here and say for this millionth time, this is an unbelievably stupid time to be alive.

On a totally unrelated note: Elon Musk has to be the first person in history to profit from settling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for naughty behavior. The SEC tried to punish him and he ended up making at least $50 million off of it. You have to stan.

6 thoughts on “Kanye’s interview with Forbes

  1. I’ve been wondering about his new-found faith and what it means or does not mean. It’s probably early to say but I will anyway: it seems like it may be another sort of Americanized version of positive thinking which, while it may have elements of genuine Christianity incorporated in it, is largely a feel-good experience, probably encouraged by people who call themselves “Life Coaches.” I know – that’s pretty cynical. I really hope I’m wrong. Kanye seems to be the ultimate believer in the positive and in himself, and of course that is not a bad thing in itself. Maybe HE should be a Life Coach.

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