What Trump gets wrong about re-opening schools

I don’t have much time to write quality takes lately, but I can’t pass this topic up.

It is fascinating, from a sociological standpoint anyway, that women had a lower unemployment rate than men before the coronavirus bullshit started and now they have a higher unemployment rate. To me, that is solid evidence that women’s labor gets a discount for being childcare providers in the ever-so-enlightened sphere of corporate America. As operations went virtual, it was women who were laid off.

But merely opening up schools by threatening to withhold funding, or whatever stick the federal government has, is not going to cure this problem.

The problem is the CDC guidelines. It’s Fauci and Birx, who should have been added to the unemployment rolls months ago with all their doomsday garbage. There is abundant data that children are not significantly impacted by the coronavirus (which is a freaking cold virus, after all).

You can open the schools back up, but parents are still going to be deciding to homeschool their kids. They do not want to send their children to a school environment that is somehow worse than how we treat prisoners. No sane parent wants their child to deal with that. And many of them will make very real economic sacrifices accordingly.

Until this scam that we are dealing with some Armageddon virus goes away, our public education system will be under massive stress.

Update: Eh, I clearly missed this

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