Biden has a platform now, and it’s… not even remotely moderate

Biden is clearly not there cognitively, so it’s something of a mystery who in the party would be running the show if he were to be elected. I mean, the guy is supposedly a Catholic and spent the week outright attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor because attacking nuns is totally a thing good Catholics do.

You kind of have to read it to believe it, so here’s a link to the document. I did not find any references to homeschooling, but the work is passionately anti-school choice, so I imagine Biden’s education people will come for homeschoolers too if he’s elected. (Your regular reminder to join the Home School Legal Defense Association.)

A lot of this stuff the federal government cannot actually do and absolutely would be challenged in court, but I guess it is informative what they think they can do and want to see done. And it goes without saying that they can’t actually pay for most of this because it would be like $100 trillion.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Decriminalize marijuana and end policing of drug crimes
  • Eliminate cash bail (because that is working so well in NYC right now)
  • No more charging juveniles as adults in violent crimes
  • Repeal mandatory minimum sentences
  • Abolish the death penalty
  • Establish a federal “clemency board” to eliminate “systemic racism” among those who have already been sentenced
  • Military cannot sell surplus weapons to police departments
  • National registry of police officers who have “abused their power” (whatever that means, but one assumes it means a lot more than outright brutality)

Economic Policy

  • Massive bailout for state and local government budgets
  • Permanent expansion of unemployment benefits
  • Federal subsidies for internet in rural and low-income areas (broadband to nowhere)
  • National minimum wage of $15 per hour
  • Repeal “right to work” laws
  • Federal role in collective bargaining agreements
  • Every federal contract must involve plan to hire people of color
  • Universal pre-K and paid family leave
  • Tax hikes on corporations (what’s funny is they think their plan will incentivize corporations to move their operations back to the US, while increasing labor costs and hiking taxes, because apparently Democrats have no idea what a balance sheet is)
  • Welfare for formerly incarcerated people (when you get out of prison, you get government housing and food stamps – this is free stuff for every person released from prison, and they plan a board to push mass clemency)
  • Massive domestic spending on clean energy and infrastructure
  • Small business loans based on race and gender
  • Financial resources for “farmers of color” in rural areas
  • Massive expansion of Section 8
  • Establishing a “public credit rating agency” that will prop up the credit scores of people of color by using unconventional criteria unrelated to past borrowing; every lender that participates in federal programs (basically every bank in the country) must use these credit ratings over private reporting firms
  • Commission to examine the economic legacy of slavery and recommend financial remedies (reparations)
  • Undo the corporate mergers that were approved under the Trump administration (oh man, the lawsuits, and not just from the corporations themselves)
  • Direct regulators to evaluate the impact of large corporations on the labor market and recommend arbitrarily breaking the corporations up


  • Triple money for low-income schools
  • National ban on privately operated charter schools
  • No voucher programs for private schools (kind of conflicts with recent SCOTUS ruling, but whatever)
  • Financial support for “school transportation initiatives to help facilitate improved integration” (um, busing?)
  • Move away from standardized tests toward “holistic measures of student achievement” (whatever that means)
  • “Free” college at public universities and community colleges for families that make under $125,000 and Dreamers (instead of “tuition,” we’ll call it “taxes”)
  • Write down of $10,000 of student debt per borrower (student loan debt will be transferred to taxpayers)
  • Income-based caps on student loan payments (i.e. student loan debt will be paid by taxpayers), complete forgiveness after 20 years (so get a really expensive but useless degree and then never get a good job, taxpayers have you covered)

Health Care

  • Taxpayers pick up the tab for COBRA benefits
  • Public option
  • Hire 100,000 contact tracers to track the American population’s social interactions in the name of Covid research
  • Taxpayers pick up the tab for pharmaceuticals for seniors and people with chronic illness (basically half of the country)
  • No one pays more than 8.5% of their income on health insurance premiums and eliminating cap on subsidies (after that threshold, it will no longer be called a “premium” but a “tax increase”)
  • Restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Health plans have to provide coverage for AIDS treatments, gender confirmation surgery, and hormone therapy
  • ACA provisions extended to Dreamers


  • Extend visas to anyone who has been denied a visa under the Trump administration
  • Increase acceptance of refugees
  • Fast-track citizenship for undocumented workers
  • No workplace or community ICE raids
  • Eliminate detention of people entering the country illegally in general, and instead find “community-based” alternatives
  • Immigration officials require Senate confirmation


  • Clearly written by AOC, as it is totally unintelligible and full of Orwellian jargon. If you can decipher it, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Biden has a platform now, and it’s… not even remotely moderate

  1. Biden is a lost cause. He is hopeless. I really kind of feel sorry for him actually. He has NO business being pushed for the highest position in the world. He doesn’t even know who or where he is. The whole thing is very scary. Like you said, WHO is pulling his strings? Whoever it is, he/she/they will be the one(s) in charge, should God forbid he is elected. If he wins, Larry and I are planning an escape for the USA ASAP, which breaks my heart. this is our home and our country, but I WILL NOT live in the world The Left has planned for us!

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  2. I took a look at the Climate section. I worked for 41 years in the chemical industry as an engineer and an IT analyst, the last 25 years spent implementing global enterprise systems for supply chain and manufacturing. I was a licensed engineer for 25 years. The whole Green New Deal is about the dumbest thing I have ever read. I have the original proposal that AOC rolled out and I scanned this document. Anyone with even a basic understanding of the science of fossil fuel production and use should be laughing. Rather than bore you with a long-winded take-down of the whole GND from a technical and economic perspective I will provide you a link below to this excellent article by Mark P. Mills from 2019 which is the best overfall critique I have seen. Read and bookmark for future reference.

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    1. I don’t know if it is hilarious or depressing what has happened to government since the Obama administration. When I worked in government and was drafting legislation on financial topics, it was always scandalous how the only people who could handle technical conversations were lobbyists representing large corporations, and for them it was totally an anti-competitive thing. Now, we have policymakers that are barely even conscious, and they have no clue how anything functions in the real world. They go around spewing things like the power “of the now,” and they have veteran lawmakers following them around telling them they are brilliant. It’s absolutely fucking insane.

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  3. It is one big, huge giant mess. We have dug ourselves in so deep I honestly do NOT see a way out, at least not anytime soon. The really sad and frustrating part is that so many people, not just Americans, but people from around the world seem to think this is all OK. There is NO way this can all end up well; for ANYONE.

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