NBC contributor who chronicled his coronavirus experience never had it

First there was Chris Cuomo pretending to “emerge” from his basement coronavirus isolation after tabloids had been following him around the Hamptons, socializing in large groups without a mask, while his wife wrote blog posts about feeding him herbs and how his fever spiked along with the full moon. Now there is the NBC’s Dr. Joseph Fair, the epidemiologist and virologist who chronicled his own desperate bout with the coronavirus.

“Joining me now [is] virologist Joseph Fair, who recently recovered from COVID-19 himself,” the network’s Chuck Todd said introducitng the doctors on a June episode of “Meet the Press.”

“Dr. Fair, let me start with  you because I would like you to share a little bit about your recovery from COVID-19. What should Americans take away from your experience?” Todd asked.

After telling viewers he was a healthy 42-year-old absent of any underlying conditions, Fair characterized the illness as “the worst I’ve ever felt.”

“I probably spent 23 of 24 hours in bed,” said Fair. “Those people that are young and think they’re invincible or people that just don’t think it’s going to affect them that greatly even if they do get it, I can say that my own experience was the complete opposite.”

Fair claims he had Covid symptoms and was even hospitalized in the Covid ward. But despite his theatrics for NBC News viewers, he tested negative for the virus several times and now has tested negative for Covid antibodies. The guy never had it.

It never gets less funny that people continue to watch this stuff.

8 thoughts on “NBC contributor who chronicled his coronavirus experience never had it

  1. Do you have any info as to where he works, or what kind of doc he is? I mean, is he MD, or PhD? I tried to look him up because my doc hubby wants to be able to verify to his colleagues but no info on him except about his so called “illness.” It’s like – the media lies are spiraling so amazingly that it’s hard to believe they are trying to pull this stuff off!!

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  2. My MD husband who majored in molecular biology just looked up the Metabiota site and says it’s clear they aren’t doing research. They are just “consulting” cough-cough. He thinks they sound pretty sketchy. One of the places they have offices is Cameroon, where you can hide your money easily. They are very new and the “awards” they have relate to the insurance industry. What an all around faker.

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    1. I assume his connection to Washington is why NBC gave him a platform to begin with. They had him on NBC Nightly News and MSNBC a dozen times, and he was telling people they could catch the coronavirus through their eyes, because that’s how he got it, because he was always wearing a mask. I can’t even.

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