The fight over reopening schools is about money, not kids

As homeschoolers, we don’t have a dog in the fight when it comes to reopening public schools. If anything, watching it unfold merely confirms that we have made the correct decision in not allowing these lunatics to “educate” our child. Our daughter will continue to receive a high-quality education with zero disruption, regardless of what policymakers choose to do. This is the best argument for homeschooling there is, and I am delighted to see millions of Americans waking up to what’s happening in schools.

Where we live, there are leaders demanding that schools stay closed until there is not a single coronavirus case recorded. We can’t trust schools to open until scientists find a cure for the common cold! It’s pretty clear this is political grandstanding, and all the fear-mongering surrounding the coronavirus is going to go away with the election – but not before doing trillions of dollars in damage to the economy and destroying a generation of children’s education.

There are so many people here walking around without masks despite a local mandate that I imagine the folks hyping the coronavirus now are going to be treated like Y2Kers by next year, if they aren’t already. And they will deserve all the ridicule they are bound to receive. Remember when you dismantled all the playground equipment because of a virus that was so bad you had to be tested to even know you had it? Yeah, the kids are calling you some creative names.

Anyway, I have watched teachers union representatives from New York and Los Angeles lately, and it’s kind of hilarious how transparently they talk about the coronavirus as an opportunity to obtain more money and their intention to hold kids’ educations hostage until they receive it. None of these people should have a certificate to teach children, but here we are.

The Los Angeles teachers union took it even further. They issued a “research” report demanding that the local government defund the LAPD and send the money to them. They also don’t want schools to reopen until there is Medicaid for All, including people living in the country illegally, and they want charter schools eliminated. Because charter schools are now a public health crisis, apparently. If you think these proposals are batshit, imagine what these folks are telling kids in the classroom.

They argue in the paper that they have been cheated out of federal Title I funding for education because lawmakers do not take factors like increasing enrollment into consideration when appropriating funds. Yeah, um, enrollment in Los Angeles public schools was actually declining before the coronavirus. Even charter schools in the LA area are not seeing increasing enrollment. I guess they missed the fact that people and businesses are moving away from California.

This fight is not only relevant to parents with kids in public schools, however. Many private schools are tethered to public schools in terms of when and if they hold classes. This means the fight over reopening has become their fight too, whether they like it or not.

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