Plumeria are truly remarkable plants

I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.

Shakespeare, As You Like It

I have wanted to have plumeria in my garden my entire life. Until now, I have not lived in a climate where I could make that happen. I planted a dwarf plumeria from Jungle Jack’s nursery in California earlier this year. And I really seem to have been fortunate to locate a single one, because that massive grower has been having all kinds of shipping problems lately thanks to the coronavirus meltdown.

I also bought these two plumeria cuttings on Etsy from a chap down in Pompano Beach. They arrived as bare sticks wrapped in tissue paper. I pulled the sticks out of the package and was totally clueless what to do with them. Which side was up? Do I just stick them in the ground, or do I need to put them in a pot? I resolved to watch some YouTube videos on the subject and placed them on the windowsill of our screened-in lanai.

Then I forgot all about them. That was several weeks ago. I did not give them any water. They have no soil to gain nutrients from. Nothing.

Well, nature found a way, apparently, as it tends to do. The bare sticks have now sprouted very large and healthy leaves. I guess you could say I now know which way is up.

It’s like a bona fide sauna outside here in Florida. I can’t even take decent pictures because the humidity hanging in the air clouds up the lens on my camera. It would seem that humidity is all these plants require to flourish, however, because I grew two plumeria flat on the windowsill with nothing but good Southern humidity.

Let’s keep this our little secret though. I want to be a Master Gardener some day, lol.

6 thoughts on “Plumeria are truly remarkable plants

    1. The colors and forms aren’t as developed as chrysanthemums or dahlias, or even as camellias; but the variety and beauty of their fragrances is as wonderful as that of roses.

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  1. Plumeria are succulents and love warmth, especially the roots. Since it finally warmed up here in San Diego, mine have been growing and blooming actively. Plumeria will take anything but freezing. Don’t water them when it gets chilly or they’re vulnerable to rotting from the roots.

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