Texas allows private schools to open, teachers sue DeSantis, CA schools will be online

I’ve said this before, but the fight between educators and policymakers / parents to keep schools closed is going to be an epic gift to the crowd arguing for vouchers. This is a fight that is going to sweep this country in the fall as 51 million parents wonder what the hell the school system is even doing with their tax dollars when they are making additional financial and personal sacrifices to be home with their kids and have now largely taken over their kids’ educations, whether they like it or not.

I have watched every single adult I know have all of the goodwill they previously entertained toward educators shattered. Much like what happened with journalists when they started using Facebook and Twitter, people are getting to see exactly how batshit and rabidly political the people charged with their children have been.

For example, how much do you have to hate your own offspring to ditch them with a lunatic like this?

In Texas, the Attorney General has determined that the First Amendment exempts private religious schools from local mandates that order schools to remain closed. I assume this means a lot of families in the state are applying to private schools this summer, as public schools in most major urban areas and large suburbs are toast.

This is a huge deal because, as I said earlier, part of the political appeal of keeping schools closed is the possibility to kill off competitors to public education. That incentive has now been eliminated in Texas.

This also means that the best public school teachers in Texas might migrate from public systems to private schools just so they can earn an honest wage. After this, I have no idea how any sane individual wants to be a public school teacher anymore. The forces aligned against your success and basic well-being are astronomical.

In Florida, DeSantis is being sued by teachers unions to keep schools closed. DeSantis issued an executive order that would penalize districts that do not offer an option for in-person learning by not allocating taxpayer funds to the districts. That’s pretty much a financial death sentence to most school districts, although one might question why they need even a small fraction of their personnel if all classes are going to be held online. You don’t need thousands of people to photocopy a worksheet.

Governor Newsom in California mandated over the weekend that substantially all students in the state – at both public and private schools – will be required to take classes online next year. And for schools that may eventually reopen, students will be treated to a prison-like experience: “In schools allowed to reopen, staff and students in third grade and above are required to wear face masks. Staff must keep six feet apart from students and each other and will be tested regularly. If more than 5% of staff and students test positive, the school must close. If more than 25% of schools in a district close, the district must close.”

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