An angry ocean

I enjoy going down to the water when storms are moving through to see the whitecaps. I was a little surprised to see several fishing boats riding out the rough seas.

I won’t let our daughter go far into the water when the waves are like this, but we did play in the foam after they crashed. It was funny, there were these large crabs popping out all over the place.

Our beaches are dotted with hundreds of these squares (below). Inside is where a sea turtle (which are endangered species) have left a nest of eggs. Eventually, the baby turtles will pop out and follow the sun to the ocean. Our beach has a light ban during nesting season because the light from street lights, etc. confuses the baby turtles. They follow the artificial light to the A1A and get run over, as opposed to heading to the sea, and each one of those little guys is precious.

Sea turtles always nest at the same beach, usually the one they were born at. So these nests are the work of many generations of turtles, in a way.

An added bonus of the light ban is the night sky over the ocean during nesting season is unreal. Stargazing with the sound of waves crashing nearby is my favorite stargazing.

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