DeSantis talks about bogus coronavirus numbers in Florida

Are there a bunch of ICUs in Florida that are maxed out with coronavirus patients? (Spoiler: that’s fake news.) Whatever happened to the labs that were reporting 100% positivity rates for their tests?

DeSantis has a lot to say about coronavirus testing, in Florida and elsewhere:

“There’s a testing industrial complex now ” that could be inflating positive COVID-19 test results.

DeSantis made the comment after host Ainsley Earhardt noted that “some people” in Florida have said, “they never got a test, but now they’re listed as testing positive.”

She then asked, “How did that happen?”

“It didn’t happen at any of the sites that the state of Florida is running, thankfully,” DeSantis said.

“There’s a testing industrial complex now. There’s a lot of money at stake here, people cranking out these tests. There’s private companies involved.”

“So what we’ve asked is anyone that’s gotten a letter, an e-mail, anything, a text message bring that forward because we want to hold people accountable if they’re engaged in funny business like that,” he continued.

“You hear a lot of things, obviously, but I’ve heard this so many times from people that really don’t have a reason to make anything up that I think there’s something there, so we absolutely want to get that evidence.”

I personally know several people in Florida who have received letters telling them they have tested positive for the coronavirus when they never took a test, so I can tell readers that is absolutely not an urban legend. It has become a massive controversy here in Florida, especially for people who have to be cleared to return to work. Are there a bunch of people who are forced into hanging out at home for two weeks who were never positive to begin with? Are there people who are racking up medical bills they can’t afford who were never positive to begin with? Will the personal injustices derived from this scamdemic never end?

It is also not limited to private labs in this state. Humana Military, the branch of private health insurer Humana that manages Tricare coverage for folks that have served in the military in 31 states and the District of Columbia, sent 600,000 beneficiaries letters saying they should consider donating plasma as a coronavirus survivor. This mistake likewise confused a lot of people who had never been tested. There are basically zero controls over coronavirus data among the media hype, the rush to publish information, and the pressure to “do something, anything.”

DeSantis also brought up another data controversy, which involves what is considered a “coronavirus death.” Fox 35, the same local news station that operates out of Orlando that spotted dozens of Florida labs submitting 100% coronavirus positivity rates, also found a coronavirus death that was a man who had died in a motorcycle accident. The man was in his 20s, which is ununusal for a coronavirus death (the median age is in the 80s), so the reporter asked if the guy had any underlying conditions. Nope, he was in a motorcycle accident.

In response, health officials said that including the motorcycle accident doesn’t change the fact that the numbers are still huge, clearly missing the point that inclusion of a motorcycle accident as a coronavirus death is so absurd it calls into question everything else they are reporting. Health officials are now saying that case has been removed from the data, but they don’t know when or by whom, because apparently any random Joe can edit official data now.

But what about all those maxed out ICUs across Florida? DeSantis says that is another data flub. Many hospitals, especially rural hospitals, do not have intensive care units at all. They are showing up in data has having zero available beds, and reporters are interpreting that to mean coronavirus cases have overwhelmed all available beds. Official statistics suggest there are 53 Florida hospitals with no ICU capacity at all. They never had available beds to begin with. But don’t tell that to the coronavirus hype machine.

Florida peaked on emergency visits related to Covid almost a month ago now. Literally all of the hype surrounding the coronavirus outbreak that is allegedly underway in Florida surrounds positive test cases, most of which are minor, asymptomatic, and possibly altogether false because they are being handled by fly-by-night operations for the sake of putting a testing location on every corner to appease journalists and Facebook Karens.

If you just stay home for 15 days, the virus will be over.

If you just stay home for a month, the virus will be over.

If you just stay home for three months, the virus will be over.

If you just put a scrap of t-shirt material over your face for an indefinite amount of time, the virus will be over.

If you just stop going to church and school forever, the virus will be over.

If we just cancel all the Trump rallies, the virus will be over.

It’s hotter than the surface of the Sun in Florida, but hospitals are being overwhelmed by people with a cold. It’s a very strange cold virus, you know.

Now let these same people stick a needle in your arm with a vaccine they created in three months so all the people who invented and hyped this outrage can get really fucking rich.

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