Quantifying interest in homeschooling

I have to say, I did not have “Democrats killing public education to own Trump” on my 2020 Bingo Card, but apparently murdering your darlings is the ticket now. Watching a liberal reporter at the Washington Post flip out about it during a rare moment of reflection is pure gold, however.

This Washington Post worker is wrong. More homeschooling does not mean more spouses not at work. A lot of professional women homeschool their children, myself and many of my friends and relatives included. If you are able to work from home and don’t loathe your offspring, homeschooling is hands-down the easiest way to create instant flexibility in your world. It will do more to advance your career than logging out of work early to spend an hour sitting in a car line each day, or having to take time off every time a kid is sick or has a meltdown at school, for sure.

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