Trump comes out in favor of vouchers for education

Vouchers would be a considerable form of economic assistance to parents who have been forced into homeschooling.

Purchasing homeschooling curriculum that is superior to what many public schools are offering – a low bar, as many are currently outsourcing kids’ education to YouTube – is not cheap.

Parents having to make different choices about how they earn a living is not cheap.

These are real financial sacrifices parents are making because states are failing to provide what they constitutionally mandated to provide.

Most urban school districts are receiving nearly $20,000 per student to educate children. That money is coming from taxation at every level of government. Under the current system, parents are paying those taxes whether the schools are serving their purposes or not. Even before the pandemic, many schools were failing to provide kids with a decent education, as demonstrated by the millions of children who are not proficient in math or reading at their grade level.

Vouchers would also free up quality public school teachers who disagree with efforts to keep schools closed that are being pushed by teachers unions to advance political causes wholly unrelated to education or children.

You send tax dollars back to parents and good teachers can become exceptionally well-paid independent tutors. They could be pulling in six-digits easily. More than that if they turn teaching into a bona fide business.

If you think that is crazy, what I just described is precisely why Asian countries are kicking America’s ass in education. They have thousands of independent teachers who are compensated like rock stars because they get results. Even Communist China doesn’t subsidize failure in education like we do in the United States.

There is a documentary called School, Inc. that I would highly recommend watching if you are interested in this dilemma. It explores how radically different education is in other countries compared with the US. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

5 thoughts on “Trump comes out in favor of vouchers for education

  1. A little off-topic but since I value your opinion I figured I would ask this here. My wife and I just recently subscribed to 2 of The Great Courses on Amazon Prime Video, “The Black Death: The World’s First Devastating Plague” and “The World’s Greatest Churches”. These are really great video programs, especially the one of the Black Death with Dr. Dorsey Armstrong of Purude U. I understand it was a big hit on Amazon this spring. We are considering getting a subscription to The Great Course Plus service which offers unlimited streaming of their catalog for a flat monthly fee ($20/mo or $45/qtr). Seems like a bargain.

    Have you used any of these? Would you consider using them in your homeschooling program with you daughter as she gets older? Though I think these are mainly aimed at an older demographic (old retirees like me) it seems like they would make great family viewing and offer a forum for lots of good family discussion for about 6th grade and up.


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    1. I have watched quite a few of them and reserved some to use when our daughter gets older. They are a real gift for autodidacts and polymaths.

      Our local library has an annual used book sale, and you can usually pick up a bunch of Great Course material there each year (DVDs along with the companion guidebooks). I picked up a world religions series, natural law and human nature (philosophy and intellectual history), classical and modern political theory, and a series on classical composers that way, and the physical materials are great. It’s a lot easier to stream though because you have it all in one place.

      Another good platform is Curiosity Stream, well worth the subscription fee.

      Many major universities have open courseware now, too, which can be a boon for teenagers who think they might know what they want to be. It gives them an opportunity to see what collegiate work in a field looks like and exposes them to the ideas of important personalities. I flagged MIT’s to use later, as our daughter is mostly obsessed with science.

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  2. This is so spot on. I think it would keep valuable teachers, teaching. I consider myself a “good” teacher, but it certainly does come at a cost. Financial and emotional.

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