Parsing Florida coronavirus death data

One thing the mainstream media does that gullible people just absorb, and it drives me totally nuts, is not breaking out “new deaths” by the actual date of death. Instead they report data releases like “Florida reports x new deaths today (!),” knowing full well that the majority of what is being reported is stale data (i.e., people who died with the coronavirus several weeks ago). This makes it seem like folks are dropping like flies, when in fact the opposite is true… acute coronavirus cases peaked several weeks ago in Florida.

Here’s what death statistics look like when you separate them out by day of death – taking the definition of a “coronavirus death” at face value, which frankly, it shouldn’t be, and bracketing off the fact that these numbers are not all that scary in a state that has tens of millions of people, including many squarely in the “vulnerable” group:

This is what the data looks like without daily stacks, which is what the media loves to quote – see how it makes it seem like things have suddenly become worse:

At this point, we need a full, devastating audit of the Florida Department of Health, but I fear that will only waste millions of taxpayer dollars telling us what we already know: public health officials are manipulative bastards governed by petty politics in an election year.

But, hey, let’s destroy the economy and public education because people can’t read a chart.

2 thoughts on “Parsing Florida coronavirus death data

  1. Same thing I see with GA data, except, even though they report deaths daily, like FL, on the official graph on the website they post by date of death. So, it is quite confusing.

    Also, in reporting hospitalizations, GA are not accounting for the fact that they are graphing ALL hospitalizations, not just Covid. So hospitalizations have gone up because of the re-opening of hospitals to elective procedures, as well as accidents, heart attacks, etc. Covid hospitalizations are just a fraction of the total. Also, they do not distinguish, when talking about Covid hospitalization, whether people are hospitalized FOR Covid or hospitalized WITH Covid when they are in the hospital for other reasons.

    It’s all very confusing and the news media do not explain all this.

    If you want to see a good analysis of GA Covid data to compare to what you see in FL go to this website. This young woman does a good job everyday explaining the data. Much different than what you get form the media.

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