Here’s the coronavirus video that is being censored by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Update 2: Here you go again:

Update: After I posted this, the video was stripped and the entire website established by the “Frontline Doctors” group was taken down. I have never seen anything like this before.

The mainstream media is portraying this video as promoting “conspiracy theories” about the coronavirus. These are actual medical doctors, who have been treating actual coronavirus patients, and they held a press conference to combat what they perceive to be a serious disinformation campaign about the virus. So I guess we are in the realm of “conspiracy facts” now, where social media police are bigger authorities on a topic than elite medical professionals.

The doctors are calling out the media, Fauci, big pharma, and politicians, and they are being de-platformed aggressively for it today.

They say schools need to be open, there is no material risk to children or adults in regular contact with children.

They say hydroxychloroquine has been a wildly successful treatment (one doctor calls it the “cure” for the coronavirus) and recommend that vulnerable populations should be placed on the drug as a prophylactic. They even recommend it being over the counter (“give it to the people” one doctor says emphatically). They say there is an orchestrated attack against the drug, and the “tests” that have been done involving the drug deliberately involved toxic doses. (One of the doctors was involved in debunking the now-retracted Lancet article that used fabricated data. If you recall, that would be data supplied by a company that had a porn star on its payroll. He discusses efforts to silence him online.)

Billions of dollars have been invested in researching and developing new drugs and a vaccine to respond to the coronavirus. Those billions are all down the drain if a drug that has been around for several decades and has already gone generic works effectively instead. It’s an interesting question how pharmaceutical companies have gotten the entire corporate media, search engines, and major social media platforms to do their bidding in turning a simple medicine into a political football to this extent. Not to mention the NEJM and Lancet. I have a lot of questions about Fauci at this point. This seems like one of the biggest corruption cases in history.

12 thoughts on “Here’s the coronavirus video that is being censored by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

  1. Thank you! What do we know about the credibility of these docs? So hard to find legitimate info on the web, considering that the only thing really persisting on the web is from the MSM/Big Tech-approved sources.

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    1. I am not going to vouch for them beyond noting they are licensed, practicing MDs whose work seems to offer them experience with this stuff. I don’t have an opinion on HCQ, but I find the censorship very bizarre. When have you ever seen big tech, the corporate media, etc. all work together to stop people from even mentioning the benefits of a drug that has been around forever, is being used widely in other countries for this very purpose, and is as boring as anything? I mean, you can post hate speech on their platforms all day long, Chinese propaganda, and heck, they even make minimal effort to stop pedophiles. But if you mention this specific prescription, oh man, banned banned banned. That’s absolutely bonkers and it makes me wonder how they got to that point and what’s at stake for them in behaving this way.

      They are a combination of urgent care doctors and a pediatrician, as far as I can tell. Several of them have appeared regularly on Fox News. Stella Immanuel is the one most reliably attacked in the media, because she is sort of Trumpian in her way of communicating and the humorless media can’t handle that.

      For example, I saw a Gizmodo story on her today. Immanuel “believes in a conspiracy theory that world leaders are secretly lizards who are dressed up in human suits.” It’s the same old stupid hyper-literalism they pull whenever Trump cracks a joke. This is a licensed medical doctor who believes people are actually lizards in human suits! I mean, how dumb do you have to be?


      1. Thanks for the follow up! Feels political on both sides. But silencing this kind of speech, and in the manner it is being done is, is so pernicious. Trust in media and tech = zero.

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